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Needs a free download of the Avenza PDF Maps App. The amendments contained herein apply to the Union of Burma. | File name | Myanmar Burma Travel Map PDF. Sismotectonic map of Burma, South China and parts of Indochina. Maps of Burma covering over one million square kilometers and a less detailed Thai map of most of Asia.

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On Saturday, May 3, 2008, Hurricane Nargis struck Burma, killed tens of thousands and caused major damages. The Nasa satellites below clearly show the extent of the collision. Above picture taken before the clone, with sharp outlined areas of ground and waters. On May 5th, the lower picture shows the after-effects, whereby a large part of the Irrawaddy deltas is clearly inundated.

To see the location of the cycle in the pictures, use the checkbox above the top picture. Rangoon is another name for Burma's capital, Rangoon. On the right, the PDF is a United Nations map showing the flood areas in greater detail and containing additional information on the most important affected populations.

Geophysical debugging and fault finding in and around Burma - Le Dain - 1984 - Journal of Geophysical Research: Firm Earth

The main basis of this research on Burma's vibrant tectonic landscape and neighbouring areas is the analysis of Landsat images and earthquake-solution. Disturbance level P-axes of inter-shock interference also run north-south, simultaneously to the impact of the subduced plate, and may indicate that the pendant plate of India is being drawn northwards through the ambient atmosphere of the atmosphere.

Indochina is probably home to most of India's right-wing hatch, but India's northern move also causes inner deformations within Burma, Thailand and Yunnan. The difference between the tissue on the Landsat pictures and the Tectonian mode, which is comparable with the solution of the faults in the whole area, implies great changes in the direction of displacement, in the direction of loading and in the distortion styles in the later cenozoic.

Presumably, these changes mirror the shift from submission to collapse and strike movement when India invaded Burma in Eurasia. Much of Burma and Thailand could have turned several dozen degree CW. Ramhupratim Rakshit, Devojit Bezbaruah and Bubul Bharali, Oblique Sliding Error in Connection with Developing Early Pleistocene Deformation Sequence Indochial Regions of Burma, Solid Earth Sciences, 10.1016/j.sesci.2018.04.

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