Burma Map

Myanmar Map

An interactive map of Burma Myanmar, which for the first time shows sights and repeats visitors to the region. There are a number of Myanmar (Burma) maps, including road and road maps and Myanmar (Burma), titled "Thai-Burma Railway", showing the locations of the camps along the railway line. An indexed map of Burma with large, concise street maps of central Yangon (Rangoon) and Mandalay as well as an enlargement of the Bagan area. You can publish the entire map of Myanmar (Burma) and free tourist maps and then print the service for business cards, brochures. Myanmar (now officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) is a southeastern country.

Myanmar map

Myanmar, or Burma, formally the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, which originates from the Burmese Empire (1500-1000 BC), is a land in Southeast Asia. Situated on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea with Bangladesh and India in the western part, China in the northern part and Laos and Thailand in the eastern part.

The Burma Map is the ultimative map sensor.

Satin'Panic Map' of North Burma

A" Panickkarte " made of silver with central Burma on one side and northern Burma on the other. Some areas of the map that were important to the holder (Private E Dexter) were bordered with a pencil. The getaway card was given to Priv. E. Dexter, member of No. 4 Platoon, 2nd Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment, for the Chindite operations (May to September 1944) in northern Burma during the Second World War.

Mr. Dexter talks about his experience in Burma during this operation: Then we ended up in the jungles of Burma, in the darkness in the early mornings. After that time we went to one, in the jungles, known as Indawgi Lakes, and took our injured and sick to the Assam clinic in the Sunderland airplanes that ended up on the lakes.

Thai-Burma-Bahn Map

This map bears the title "Thai-Burma Railway" and shows the camp sites along the rail route. It runs from northwest to southeast in a diagonal direction and extends about 415 kilometers from Thanbyuzayat in Burma (now Myanmar) to Nong Pladuk in Thailand.

Most of the northern trail through Thailand to the Burma frontier, past Songkurai, follows the Kwae Noi trail. There are other large streams near the Mae Khlaung in Thailand, which flows into the Kwae Noi near Kanchanaburi, and the Ataran further North into Burma. There is an arrow pointing towards the northern side from Thanbyuzayat to Moulmein City in Burma, while there is an arrow pointing towards Bangkok (east) and Singapore (south) from Nong Pladuk.

Andaman Sea in the western part is signposted, which includes the seaside cities of Ye and Tavoy in Burma. If you hover your cursor over any town sign on the map or press the tabs, you can see the distances to Nong Pladuk (Thailand) and Thanbyuzayat (Burma) in kilometers, along with alternative titles for each place found in historic resources.

Optionally, you can choose to see only the major warehouses or all 61 warehouses in the list by clicking'Show all locations'. You can also see the information about each of the 61 camp in text-format.

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