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Myanmar Love - Missions - San Francisco It' s not difficult to find yourself on OpenTable two weeks before dinner, frenziedly looking for the ultimate date night/group out/adventure mealĀ options. However, in recent month, through the misty warfare, the qualities have started to develop. It is not known whether it is chance or space planing that they all came from the Mekong Delta, but we are very thankful. And last but not least we get Burma Love, the brighter, nicer, quicker and better Burma super star, from Richmond. We had some average to light lunches in the stock super star.

But Burma Love is definitely not sending it in. In fact, the lettuce provided the strange mixture of seaweed and earthy that we were always told. This room is much more sophisticated than Superstar, and it works - they did a good work to improve the date ambience.

It' re timed to establish a little anaarchy. Myanmar Love can help us begin the uprising. It' a fairly good piece of tea-flavored lettuce. It is a bunch of cubed, aromatic chickens in a dish, and it gives the spicy-minty taste.

Burma Love, Burma Superstars Mission Spinoff

Although the Burma Love licence has not yet come into force during the software opening period, the venue will finally offer full alcohol and coctails as well as a dedicated lounge to serve beverages during the unavoidable waiting times. The opening times are currently 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day, and lunches are scheduled to go live one or two months after 2015.

All you can order from Burma Love

Myanmar Love is one of our favourite San Francisco places to eat, and it is also one of the places we recommend when folks are looking for something funny and different. Myanmar Love's characteristic meal is her tealeaf lettuce, and it is a must. They import their fermentations from Burma so that this lettuce is as genuine as possible.

You can also buy Burma Love tealeaf lettuce sets in various food shops, such as Whole Foods, Bi-Rite and Rainbow Grocery, if you are living in the Bay Area. Some of the other meals we strongly suggest are hotofu, super star vegetable pasta and pumpkin and pork stew. They' re my favourites, but we've never had anything wrong with Burma Love.

When you' re not in San Francisco, you can prepare many of their typical meals at home. Kate, our girlfriend, is co-author of her Burma Superstar cookbook: Among our favourite home meals are this shan noodles and the chicken with mint. Kate also recommends these meals to us!

Tell us what your favourite Burma Love cuisines are.

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