Burma Love Reservations

Reservations Burma Love

No, home of original Samusa soup, rainbow salad and Burma Cooler! Maybe you can leave without a reservation. We laughed at the Global Ice Cream Museum (San Francisco old Bank Pop-up) and made it to Burma Love. You go to lunch because you don't take reservations, and it was easy to go in.

Don't worry, but it' s astonishing to eat - Review of Burma Love, San Francisco, CA

I' m supposed to be qualifying this review by saying first that I love coconuts. Burma Love manages to balance her coconut-based curry with seasoning such as salads, peas sprouts, sauerkraut, peanut, and, for the tealeafs. Besides the teasalad, platha and dipping are a must for the aperitif.

As an appetizer, the Nan Pia Dok, a pasta with some of the same ingredient, was delectable.

Myanmar Love near the Inner Mission, San Francisco

Faithful to its name, Burmese love is serving meals from the kitchens of Burma and Myanmar. It is an authentically prepared dish, with the delicate influence of Chinese, Thai and Hindi cooking that makes it so fascinating. There is something for every taste with hotpots, pan courses, curry and starters stewed in bankana leaf.

You will also find many veggie meals that are clearly identified as such on the menus. You do not accept reservations.

Burmese Love - San Francisco

Let's see, there was the Persian Empire. Ottoman Empire. No. Nowadays it is difficult to call one of them more important than the Burma Superstar Empire. You will see concreted flooring, colourful shell-shaped tile, grey banquets and breathtaking South East Asia monkey wooden table ware and Myanmar woodcarvings. Attempt to catch the spacious horse shoe stand in the background (no, no reservations here) and make room for these velvet and curried ducks, along with some gourd pig soup and roasted seafood with chilli and clove.

Myanmar Missionary District

You can' t go astray with the tealeaf lettuce, of course, but the Catfish Chowder also distinguishes itself! Superstar prawn, aubergine and chilli lamb are all excellent entrée specials! Specialties: plateau and cocco rum drip, Burma prawn rum with cocco nut and of course the tealeafs.

Nevertheless, you should definitely try the Superstar Vegetarian Doodles! Gotta get the spaghetti and the lettuce. Grab the tealeaf lettuce, crunchy whole seafood and hazelnut rices. One side of the sandwich + some pecorino will do you good too. As everyone else I am obsessing about tealeaf lettuce and the chickens with mince + side cocco nut ride is ?.

The best are lotus crisps and lettuce. Cocktails, Platha and dip, savoury pasta. The lettuce is for dying. Even chickens with sprinkles and homemade risotto are big odds. I got the Catfish Choder Noodlesoup, I love it! Tealeaf lettuce, savoury pasta with toofu, chickens with peppermint....

Taste the spearmint and Lambkebat. So is the squid. There is no lettuce of tealeaf here, as is no plata. You can go to Burma Superstar or Mandalay if you want. Tealeaf lettuce is such a different taste, but superb. Even if you don't normally like a piece of homemade black and white ricecream, try it out, because it tastes better somehow.

Favourites are eggplants with prawns, spaghetti with prawns, and of course the lettuce. Don't miss tealeaf and platform. Chilli steak with chilli was a great blend of Burmesian, Thai and oriental flavours. I love all burmesan. Tealeaf lettuce is also a must.

Tealeaf lettu, of course, but yelloofu, egg plant and egg plant extracts were all great. Spare room for Platha a thousand late desserts with chocolate pop. Dinner deals with a option of proteins, lettuce and rice for $16 is cute! It' tossed together neatly. It' s fine. It' all tasty. Come back.

White fish in handmade bananas. Full-bodied aubergine with no variety of textures. Tealeaf lettuce is reminiscent of chata - a funny combination of moist and dried pasta mixes and toppings. Rainsalad and Samosa have been the star of the evening! I still like lettuce tealeaf.

It' not as good as the other Burmese superstars in the cities or the coves. Tealeaf lettuce is an essential treat if you are here for dinner at any moment. Tealeaf lettuce is great! You go to luncheon because you don't take reservations, and it was simple to go in.

Tealeaf lettuce, chickens and peppermint, stewed stonefish are fantastic. Grab the super star vegeterian pasta and lettuce! Try lascurry of lasagna, chickens with bangos and lettuce of tealeaf with codnuts. Wels chapder pasta! It's fantastic! Much like the Burmese super star, I love the chickens' cebat, the home-made home-made home-made home-made home-made pasta, the home-made home-made home-made pasta, the home-made pasta, the pasta, the coconut and of course the tealeafs.

And for the veggie, the ovary and eggnog are tasty and definitely comes with a little bit of warmth. Tealeaf lettuce, chilli-milk, and chilli are astonishing. And I like her Curry too. Burma Margarita is an interesting turn of events! Don't miss the vegetable gruel stew, lettuce and chickens with mince!

Rindercurry & Octopus seemed very savoury, the meat was very tender.

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