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Check out the menu and reviews for Burma Love in San Francisco, as well as the most popular articles and reviews. Myanmar Love can help us start the revolution. Menue - Burma Love - The mission district Large servings of thin bio-dead bone in a smooth coconut-curry-cream. Roasted chickens with onion, tomato, chilli and peppermint leaf. Roasted chicky breasts in a spicy-sweet chilli dressing with onion.

Slightly baked and roasted with a tasty and aromatic gravy.

Kitchen near the Burma-Thailand frontier. Meat of chopped chickens, boiled with parsley, minty leaves and gloves of apple onion. Home-made speciality of our home-made crispy crispbread without bones and potato. Stir-fried boiled chickens breasts with bean, paprika, spices and bean.

It' a little flavorful and a little cute. Roasted breadcrumbs of chickens with citronella, paprika, parsley, paprika, garlic und freshly baked pepper, all in a mildly aromatic sauces. Roasted chest of chickens with onion, chilli and bang. Jalapño cubes, peppermint leaves and gloves of apple onion. Delicate young sprouts of green pepper, roasted with vine and onion.

Myanmar spaghetti and burma cheese sherbet with hard-boiled egg and olives. Pile of silk beans, slightly roasted on a peas leaf baked with dark fungi and beans. Roasted aubergine with a garlic-chili-sauté. Home-made silk soft cheese baked with Burmesian type white sourdough.

Roasted baked coffee with chilli bean. Myanmar terrine with delicate aubergine. Roasted bean, paprika and tsp., boiled with our own dressing "sweet heat". BROCOCOLI with vine, cloves of apple, a dash of seared onion. Myanmar Love's speciality curve.

Traditionally, bones in lumps of crunchy pea, thrown in roasted cloves of green onion and chilli cereals. Stewed garnished with chilli, lemon grass and paprika. Chilli, onion, cloves, onion, and freshly baked chilli pan. Prawns in our prawns boiled in our olive vinegar with jalapños and baked with roasted onion.

Knoblauch lover! Fillet of stewed fillet with chilli, coffee limette leave, cloves of apple, laurel and lemon grass. Seasoned with chilli, lemon, spicy salad and sauces. Packed in Bananereeds, stewed with Knoblauch, fermentierte Teeblätter with Limette and Fischsauce. Prawns and delicate aubergines roasted in a garlic-chili-sauté with spring onions.

Slow-boiled with prawns, acid sheets, aromatic prawn pastes, bulbs, garlic and herbs. Boiled in our crisp white cream cheese dressing with potato. Stir-fried tenderloin or mutton, boiled with tomato, chilli and minty lettucele. Stir-fried boiled with dry and chilled chilli, bulbs and base oil. Thrown in a frying pan with bean, hot and cold bean, paprika and hot and cold paprika in our five-spice hot and cold spice-cover.

Creamy, multi-layered loaf, hand-made with love. Serve with a side of coconut-curry gravy for dip. Fry and serve with our homemade piquant sauces. Slice the lotus roots finely, roast and spiced with our chilli-seasoning. Garlic, chilli, ginger and prawns cooked in a high-pot. It is a tasty meal with aromas of onions, tomatoes, chilli, prawn pastes and sauces.

Slightly beaten, roasted & spicy with spring onions. Crispy on the outside with chilli and chilli dressings. Slightly roasted bio-toofu covered with syseed and covered with a spicy syrup. This is another of Burma Love's favourite comforts. Vegeticians love it, our Indian and Pakistani buddies can't get enough of this one.

It is made from samusa, falafeln, lenses, kale, onions as well as cloves of clove. Chocolate Pasta Noodles - "Oh Noh Kaut Swer" Slow boiled with bio-hen, chocolate milks, coconuts, bulbs, cloves and curcuma. Garnish the broth with coriander, chopped slices of chopped egg, chilli and citrus. Moh Hin Ga" A South Bohemian meal known as "Burma's nationwide dish" is a favourite pasta meal eaten at eating stands throughout the countr.

Boiled gently with pea, bulb, garlic, gingerbread, citronella, seafood and curcuma, the broth is topped with coriander, chopped egg, roasted pea and lime. Delicately curried pig with marinated ricotta, potato, onion, cloves of clove, thyme, curcuma, lemongrass und herbsauce. Porc meat with cloves of clove, chilli, Thai chilli, sage and soya.

Cabocha pumpkin braised slow with pig meat, onion, cloves of cloves of garlic und almonds. Side assorted tables, kale is thrown with marinated spices, roasted cloves of garden vegetables, sliced cereals. Served with kale, bio-chickenbreast, roasted onion, coriander, cloves of apple oil, coriander, garlic, powdered beans, and dressed with tamarinds. There is no place to enumerate all the trimmings, but each bit is one-of-a-kind with 4 kinds of pasta, roasted cloves, roasted onion, chickpea, parsley and too much to enumerate, all with Tamarinden vanigrette dressings (vegetarian on request).

The side of the plate is a mixture of kale, marinated mangos, roasted onion, and freshly cut cucumber. Pasta with chicken-coconut-curry gravy, French fries, peas, cabbage/chilli. Pasta with a coconut-curry gravy with masala, chopped peas, egg, cabbage, wonton and onion. Thrown in a warm and savoury dressing with peas shoots and balls.

Bohemian pasta with potatoes, cucumbers, chilli and kale. Chinese style food marketed by wood wheelbarrows all over Burma. Eggs with roasted cloves, strewn with spring onion, seasoned with onion and a homemade gravy. jasmine-ripe, almond slices, groundnuts, roasted cloves, sunflower seed, lemon, ginger and some prawn past.

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