Burma Love Lunch Menu

Myanmar Love Lunch Menu

Special or Special Lunch - Review of Burma Superstar, Alameda, CA I' m glad I picked Burma Superstar. On his way to the airfield he paused for lunch and was delighted to find one of the lunch offers: salads & soups, samusa and tea leaf sauces. It' easily said that it is the favourite of a native who is also very occupied after lunch.

And if you are reading the other critiques, the tealeaf salad does all this justice. So I stayed a little above the Jack fruity desert and some "rare" monkey teas. This is a great mixture of fruits, chocolates and flavoured flavor. The employees are kind, but don't want much interest, there's a great deal going on.

And I said sure and I'm as good as I did....wow...fresh, different, delicious...even our remnants were delicious...take a look at the kitchen...everything is freshly prepared...it's savage in there...took the menu and will try to cook some at home...can house gluten for free...knowledgable server and kitchen.....GO!!!!! Tasty meals, good value for money, good services - try your own unique teasalad - a great mix of flavours and tastes.

Well, the gourd of gourd was delicious and they didn't spare the gourd of gourd, the hot and definitely had the coir. Bananenkrapfen with homemade super-rich chocolate cake for desert was heaven! Were you a Burmese superstar?

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They' ve forgotten to publish one of the courts. and couldn't come near the pub to get a beverage while we were waiting for the crowd to eat around him. Quite ignored while we were waiting, we found that we had lost our place because the little lady on the desktop didn't tell us that they would text us when the place is over.

Quite ignored once the meal is ready. We would like to have smaller meals at a lower cost so that we can try a wide range.

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