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Joining Burma Love and Future Superstars in our efforts to raise scholarship funds for Bay Area students! You can order the delivery online at Burma Love in San Francisco! Myanmar Love - Order online - 998 pictures & 872 votes - Myanmar - Missionary - San Francisco, CA - Phone number - Menu

We' re not sure what to look forward to here, as Burma's cuisine is not very widespread on the eastern coast. We have ordered the tealeaf lettuce to match your speciality. This was tastier than we had expected, but still tasty - so if you are looking for "light/fresh", try another one. We then ordered the hen + bean curd together with the aubergine + prawns.

I had a really great cock and a great casserole. While we were enjoying the aubergine and the prawns, we felt a little betrayed because there were 5 prawns in comparison to the dozen aubergine bits - I mean, it still tastes good, would have just liked more of the prawns. I' ve recently been here for the first get-together and I realise that I love Myanmar cuisine.

It' mellow, smooth, warm and good with poultry cuurry. I' had the peanuts that I totally love. Tealeaf lettuce and tealeaf rice is ok..... not so much my thing, but still delicious. OOH N: I LOVE THE COCONUT-RIPE! This is great but expensive dinner.

They just left New York and missed the New York grocery store world. My favourite restaurant in the USA is now Burma Love, proposed by a native. And then came the chickens' coleslaw. Like it comes with a seperate platter that contains cooked eggs, onions, coriander and onions.

Shellfish soup. Ain' no love of lettuce except in Burma cuisine. It is not only the Uber frisch seasoning, the aromatic dressings and the roasted parts of garlic that make a delicious one. And then came the Myanmar prawn sourdough. Don't sure what the exaggeration is about the teasalad, although recent the writeup was nothing to be worked up about.

I tried the prawns boiled at that time. Knoblauch pasta is insipid. This is really good and I love the tealeaf lettuce (vegan). As a matter of fact, I don't like the fact that I have to check my meals here and interview the staff, especially if the entrance fee is between $15-$20 per person (for veggie dishes).

  • Snacking means you get much less than in the restaurants and pay the same amount. When I heard unbelievable things about Burma Love (including an over-colleague), I came here on a Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm and had a waiting time of 30-45 minutes.

On recommendation we ordered the tealeaf, nana pina doc, Burma style veal and a side of coda. I liked the nano pinia doc, a pasta with an incredibly delicate hen and a perfect crunch. Tealeaf lettuce was interesting - I'm used to the lettuce being dressed and the "dressing" is similar to the texture of peesto, but was delectable.

My Myanmar Curry was fine, but NPC won the award. In addition, the DELIKOUS was also a great trip. If you are in town, I can definitely see the Burma Love frenzy and would strongly suggest it. They can' t beat the meal and the extraordinary services! When I played the Tour Guide to a New Yorker, I thought I would take him on the mission, but first asked him if he had ever had ever had been from Burma.

It turned out that this is a dietary tendency that New York has not yet recognized! When it was 1:30am, Burma Love had a lot of room and we got a desk at the sash. Of course, there is tea leaf lettuce for the meal itself. It'?s such a good lettuce. Whilst my boyfriend said he wasn't starving (when he ate the green lettuce and a thing and a half of a thing of hazelnut rice), I was, and while I didn't want anything too hard, I ordered the prawns and aubergines with glic sauces.

I' ve definitely had better aubergines with cloves before, but for a quick lunch she did the job. I was at all sites of Burma Inc. at that time (Richmond, Alameda, Oakland) and with the large and simple beard approach definitely like this alternative in comparison to the others who are generally confined.

Aperitif, starters for $18. I ordered the lettuce and the chickens. I got my associate to order the velas and the poultry jerk. They both came with Jasminreis ( "Upgrade to Jasminreis " is only $ 1) I myself liked the chickens manual. but it went well with the paddy.

I had a good tealeaf lettuce. He had a good curried meal, but in my view nothing more. There was a very delicate hen in it! Coquoise is cute, as in let me put two tablespoonfuls of sugars to your rice you' re adding bold merikan to help you keep your big Bman.

tea lettuce not genuine. You can find much better Burma Superstar on Clement or Mingalaba on the mainland. 3 years and a very good experiance require an update - more love for Burma Love! I understand, but what about logging in to No Wait, Burma Love?

That just brings me to the statement that the meal here is so damn good that I would defy the relaxed waiters just to try it again! He had never tasted lettuce before and immediately became a big supporter. It is unthinkable that anyone (unless you have a walnut or clothing allergy) does not like this flavor.

Once again I couldn't help but order the cooled vegetarian superstar noodles (I'm a yuban lover) and swallowed the whole thing. A different way Burma Love shines: its delicious coctail-menue! I' ve never had Myanmar dinner before, so I was thrilled to come here for Iunch. and it was unlike any other lettuce I've ever eaten.

Wish I could have this lettuce every day. Also we ordered the root as an aperitif, tasty pasta with chickens that were much like Philadelphia, egg plant short pasta, spiced pig meat with peppermint and codnuts. Wish there was a Burma Love in the OC/LA area! I' m recommending this place for your meal.

All I have one thing to ask the restaurateur: Why is there a large wall painting of a woman's face that is disputed in Burma? If you live in the Bahia area, does the name Burma Superstar probably come to your head when the subject of Burma eating really comes up? It is little known that Burma Superstar has a few affiliated cafes in the cove and Burma Love is one of them.

Like in Burma, this place is located on a bustling road in the Mission, making it difficult to park & there are not many car parks around. In contrast to Burma Superstar, Burma Love definitely has a bigger room that allows them to clearly divide the bars on the lefthand side and the dinner table on the right.

Myanmar Love is a familiar dining experience, so it's best if you come with more so you can try more of its tasty cuisine! Platha & Dip ($14) (chicken or vegetable curry) + tealeaf lettuce ($14) + garlic noodles + duck curry ($26) + samusas ($14) + rainbow lettuce ($15) + mango chickens ($19) + pork belly & green mustards ($19) + fried beans ($16) + aubergines with garlic sauce ($16) + chili lamb ($20) My favorite dishes were the teaflates, which I loved most,

Plate & chickens curry dipping, aubergines and chilli-laam! I' ve been here before and when outside lovers come to Burma to have something more interesting than a burger or Sushi, I suggest that they get some burger dinner. For others I commend Burma Love. My last meeting with a friend was in the class that wasn't good with a gap in the walls, but was still interested in Burma cuisine.

Myanmar Love is always very preoccupied. Burma Love's meals seem genuine and they use good quality materials. And when I get in the spirit, the lettuce. A great place, great waitress, great meals, just the small servings for the prize.

It' the first one I' ve tasted Myanmar and it won't be the last. And my nurse took me here and ordered the dinner. Enjoying the pan prawns, it was great garlic that I love, and icing with a light candy. It was a really good idea! I could probably be eating 2 orders of these that pastries addictive thin loaves of bread curry~ with theicken.

So I went with a boyfriend and got the Myanmar brandy - both veal and sheep. But we had to order jasmin rice because we were still too starving. but wow - this place has made me a big supporter. I' ve tried the tea lettuce, which was really good.

All the appetizers coupled with the hazelnut rices were surreal. Banquet burma dinner. Instead of evaporated water, I was thrilled to have Thai ice teas replaced by coir instead! And there was the lettuce! Tealeaf lettuce was astonishing!

Wish I could make the lettuce at home smell so good! We had the barbecued chickens and the eggplants with cloves of egg. For our meals we have also ordered a bay paddy dish and our own homemade pasta dish. Love Myanmar cuisine! Love Burma Superstar! And I love Burma Love!

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