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Myanmar Local Tour Operators

In Asia, as always, the first rule of responsible tourism is to stay, eat and shop locally. Please note: You need support from a local tour operator / travel agency registered with the Board of Directors of Myanmar Tourism. Check out the reviews and evaluations of Myanmar Tour Packages from travelers.

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Ten ideal getaways with the One Stop Tour "package". When I had almost finished my route, I contacted Kyaw Khaing to clarify the most challenging part of the journey between the different places. He has a lot of knowledge in the tourism industry, so all the advice he gave us was priceless.

Deliveries were organised to perfection, all on schedule. There was no need to spend our restricted amount of our own free of charge on taxi selection, negotiations and the search for other persons to split the workload. All of our flights have tickets: overnight coach to Mandalay, shuttle to Bagan, two flights within the country (Bagan-Heho-Yangon) and coupons for guesthouses/hotels.

I' ve almost forgotten.... the services include Yangoon sight-seeing, boating to Mingun and auto transportation to sagaing, Amarapura, Mt.Popa, Pindaya, Inley& Indein,Kakku with lunch breaks at lovely and inexpensive places and countless other places where we made a stop during the autotransfers. Not only were the riders driving, they took us through all the lovely places, showing us local fairs or unknown places and places along the way.

I' m much more wise now than before, and if I were to return to Myanmar and make the same journey, I would do exactly the same - use Kyaw Khaing.

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The company is one of the leading local tour operators and tour operators in Burma (Myanmar) with many years of experience in providing expert tour management services and operates under the name MOP in Burma. Offering personalized itineraries, adventurous trips, families trips, with various options. We have tour operators in all areas of Burma since our founding, where our experienced and passionate advisors put you at the centre of every trip.


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