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Find out the prices of flights from Laos to Burma. Bangladesh, Thailand, Burma, Laos & Cambodia / John F. Cady. Burma, Laos and Cambodia. Meeting in South-East Asia on the situation in Burma, Laos and Vietnam.

Bangladesh, Thailand, Burma, Laos & Cambodia[by] John F. Cady.

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Stage 8: Bag up and get yourself prepared for your home or head off to Laos for a 4-day overtime. We start our today early and drive to Laos for an additional journey. You' ll receive your new accomodation and we're on our way to a Luang Prabang City Tour.

Luang- Prabang will slow your heart rate and awaken your fantasy through a blend of world-class convenience and mental nutrition. Situated at the holy junction of the Mekong River and the Nam Khan (Khan River), nowhere else can the romanticism of this Unesco-protected gemstone with 33 gold-plated wat, safran friars, pale Indo-Chinese mansions and delicious Gallic cooking be enjoyed.

Take pictures of astonishing falls, hike around town or go canoeing. At the end of the night we will have a welcome meal. After a tasty breakfastbuffet in your motel we drive to Vang Vieng and experience an all-day adventur. We end the night in our lodge with a typical Lao supper.

Most of the time we are walking and enjoying the crystalline water. Then we go to the famed Luang Prabang City caves: At the confluence of the Nam Ou and Mekong rivers at Ban Pak Ou, two renowned caverns in the rock are filled with Myriad Buddha pictures. We take a speedboat to reach these caverns and you will sunbathe in all the beautiful scenery along your led trip.

At night we will have a relaxing meal in the Maremma. Stage 3: Today take a sightseeing trip to explore the charm of Vientiane, whose name means "the town of sandalwood". Have a tasty meal in a nearby eatery and end the trip by exploring some of the most sacred places in Laos.

Finish your trip through the capitol on the bank of the Mekong at sunset. Walk along the riverbank, try a cool beverage or a quick bite at one of the many restaurants.

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