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Myanmar is a country in Asia. No further information on Burma is currently available. Bago, Yangon region, South Burma. Flat design illustrations, Burma landmarks and icons, vector graphics, clipart and stock vectors. Attractions in Naypyidaw.

Myanmar's 8 Sights of Buddhism

The Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama, is said to have been living in East India between the 6th and 4th century BC. Encouraging others to give up lust and forbearance by looking for a way of peacemaking, decorum and self-sufficiency through mediation and disciplinary means. Religions are well represented in both the old and contemporary landmarks of the land - since Buddhism is such an important part of the Buddha School, devotees need room to do so.

This is how the sanctuary (or ku) and the couch (or paya) came into being as places of adoration and communication. This gold-plated Yangon center Yangon style Myanmar-stupe features an eight-sided form and a tip that tapers like a bells. Constructed more than 2,500 years ago, it is said to contain a wisp of fur donated by Gautama Buddha to two of Burma's merchants.

Its many templesAn antique city in the Mandalay district of Myanmar, Bagan is home to more than 10,000 Buddha Schools, Stupas and convents dating back to the Ages. The Kuthodaw PagodaThis picture contains the biggest textbook in the whole wide range, a Buddhistic text engraved in 729 stonecut. The Mahamuni PagodaThis sanctuary is located south-west of Mandalay and is home to a world-famous painting of Mahamuni Buddha ("The Great Wise").

People have been admiring the bronze-cast, gold-leaf painting for hundreds of years, which stands in a sumptuous room of elaborate murals, frescos and elaborately engraved gilt pillars. Zhwenandaw monasteryBuilt in 1880 by Thibaw Min, the last king of Burma, this is the only remaining part of the pristine royal palace of wood erected by the deceased King Mindon Mu.

This early nineteenth centuary in Nyaung Shwe is situated just south of Lake Inle. It is characterized by elliptical window, nice mosaic and gold plated ornaments. The Hpaung Daw U Buddha is a large Buddhistic centre of Buddhism on Lake Inle, renowned for its five gold-plated Buddha pictures.

According to myth, these little Buddhas were taken to Inle Lake by Alaungsithu, the former pagan dynasty royal. Every autumn an 18-day celebration takes place in the marble marbled church, during which four of these Buddhas row from town to town and are exhibited over night in the principal convent of each town. Did you ever visit any of these Myanmar buddhistic landmarks?

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