Burma Lake

Lake Burma

An email message claims that an attached picture is a rock formation in Burma resembling a mother and son praying at a lake. The Inle Princess Resort is located in the blue mountain ranges on the eastern shore of Lake Inle near the Magyizin village of Inle Lake in Burma. Burma ("Inle Lake" is one of Burma's most spectacular highlights. I' m Intha Fisherman Lake Inle Burma. I' m Intha Fisherman Lake Inle Burma.

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Lake Inle | The most beautifull seas of the worlds

"One of the high points of a visit to Burma is a cruise on Inle Lake, not least to see the famed legs. The duration of a daily excursion is about four hrs on the sea plus bus and tram stop and is calculated according to the route covered. First I would drive to Indein (overlooking the square, the church and the mountain lake), then go shopping in Inpawkhon and have a nice dinner before I visit the town of Nampan and the swimming kitchens.

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Arriving at Inle Lake, it was not only drizzling but watering, so we were pleased that our Sanctum corresponded to our expectation - if we wanted to hide in our room, this was a room worthwhile to spend it in.

It sets the standard for Burma by providing everything you would want from a five-star city. Giant bathtubs with single ended windowed bathtubs, en-suite bathrooms, en-suite bathrooms, spas, infinity pools over Lake Inle, libraries, restaurants, bars and play areas provided entertainment.

On the next morning, after the rains had ceased, we took two of the Swiss bicycles of the mountain bike park and drove along the side street to Nan Pan town. A simple 22 km round tour, as the streets are quite shallow and calm and fortunately the weather was not at full speed. The Inle Lake was moving every single and we had no clue, so it was a big one.

Having explored all the strange and marvelous offers, both eating and handicrafts, we made our way back to the motel to bathe in the magnificent swimming pools. When it got cold enough, we decide to take the bike back to the Red Mountain Winery. There are only two vines in Burma, both are in Inle Lake and it is only possible to taste the wine within the state.

Situated high up on the mountains, Red Mountain has an unbelievable view of the surrounding countryside - in fact, it almost makes you feel like you're in South Africa. While they were not surprising, they were safe to drink, especially alongside the aromatic salad and roasted rices and the sundown over the lake.

While we couldn't go to the second vine, we tried the fruit of Anathya's work in the motel and they were actually quite good - both the reds and the whites. There is no tour to Inle Lake without a cruise and we made a half days tour around the lake.

Stopover was in a number of places, but our favorite was Inle Heritage, which is home to 35 Myanmar kittens that would otherwise have died out in Burma. It is a non-profit organization and supports not only kittens but also girls who do handicrafts for the store and run a motel and cookery training centre to educate the personnel.

On the way back to the motel we also saw some old hand loom and boatbuilders and the Kayan women, known for their long throats, before heading through the swimming potato fields. The backpacker's capital, Nyaungshwe, we jumped over, but after driving through it a few places, we didn't miss much and it was actually great to be right at the lake.

Indeed, if there is a place in Burma, we would suggest to spend a little more for a motel, as the stay directly at the lake near Sanctum made the whole journey to Inle.

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