Burma Itinerary 3 Weeks

Myanmar Itinerary 3 weeks

In fact, even if you'd stayed three weeks, that wouldn't be enough either. This is our suggested route for three weeks in Myanmar, starting and ending in Yangon. Arrival at sunrise in Bagan. The Kalaw Trek (3 days, 2 nights). Flight to Mandalay (day off).

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Enjoy a 3 week trip to Myanmar to get an insight into this once-so-close nation: from the impressive sacred relics in the major cities to the little-known places and unspoilt beaches of the Bay of Bengal. The most beautiful and venerated Shwedagon pit that sparkles at noon. Bagan, the vast plains with tens of thousand palagodas and churches on the Irrawaddy River.

Kalaw, the trek mekka and Inle Lake, the green jewel of the ancient Shang platform with its quiet world. Short itinerary: Daily: Begin your 3-week trip to Myanmar in the fascinating former capitol Yangon. When you arrive at Yangon International Airport, our tour leader will welcome you and take you to your accommodation.

According to your check-in times we will organize a sightseeing trip to explore the former Burma's capitol (1862-2005). Begin your trip by exploring the Chauk Htat Gyi pit with the biggest lying Buddha picture (70 meters). You will then be taken to the Shwedagon Necklace, the most magnificent and venerated Necklace with 60 tonnes of 60 tonnes of pure gild.

Hold on the timber footbridge over the southern shore of the pond to observe the sparkling Shwedagon Pagoda in the tranquil waters. Accommodation in Yangon. The Bogyoke Bazaar (Scott Market) is full of thousands of Myanmar's biggest range of crafts and memorabilia, from lacquered goods, Shan satchels to dolls and jewellery.

Then, take the scenic tour that circles the town, passing through the neighbourhood and the countryside, a great way to see the pulsating and colourful lives of the Yangonnais. In the afternoon we will be transferred to Dalah, a small town on the other side of the Yangon River, where we will take a sightseeing tour and see a candlery.

Return to Yangon, then a walk through the city centre of Yangon. Accommodation in Yangon. There is a trip to Kyaiktiyo this mornings, 200 km from Yangon in the state of Mon. It' one of the most important places of worship when you travel to Burma, which is something to look at to be inimitable.

Accommodation in Kyaiktiyo. Along the way you will be visiting a reed-roofed town and exploring the Bayinnyi and Kawgun caverns, both of which are renowned for their cliffs, decorated with centuries of Buddha paintings from the seventh cent. After your stay, free relaxation in your room.

Accommodation at Hpa An. Begin the early birding day by visiting the Karen Culture Museum and the Karen village square. After lunch we will be transferred to Moulmein (also known as Mawlamyine) - the enchanting city of Mon State, which is one of the largest ports for Teakwood freight in the south.

Once you arrive in the town centre, begin our tour of the First Baptist Church and the Kyaikthanlan Pagoda. Rotate our way to the West Terminal, while respecting the dead in the building of the infamous Death Railway - the bloodied Empire of Japan that linked Thailand and Burma. Accommodation in your lodgings in Mawlamyine.

Fresh on this particular date by visiting the bustling Zyegyi centre square, then take a boat to Bilu Gyun Iceland (Ogre Island), where we can relax from the turbulence of the big city. Trip through some of the near towns to discover the tradition of some minority groups, especially the Mon.

Vilnius towns are decorated with nice homes made of tea tree and a few craft trades such as bulletin board for school, elastic ribbons, pipework, traditional whistles, mechanical markers, ballpoint pen and tobaccos. Return to Madlamyine in the evening. Accommodation in your lodgings. We return to Yangon this mornings, on the way we stop in Bago for a brief rest.

Spend your leisure hours visiting the impressive Shwemawdaw Pagoda, whose gold stupa is up to 114 metres high, higher than the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Arrival in Yangon in the evening. Accommodation in your lodgings. Have a delicious morning meal at the lodge, then take a pick-up to the international airports for a scenic home trip to Mandalay, the culture centre and the second largest city in Myanmar.

After your check-in, you will be transferred to your accommodation before the start of a half-day guided walking trip. Discover some of the most charming sights of the last imperial town before the UK conquest: the King's Palace, a monument to the once wealthy family under the rule of the last two monarchs; the Mahamuniagodas, Burma's second biggest page; the Kuthodaw Pagodas - the world's biggest monastery with 729 sheets of marble and the Shwenandaw Monastery - one of the best sacred buildings in tea tree with its old architectural style and breathtaking detail.

Return to your lates evening accommodation. Accommodation in Mandalay. Illuminate this early mornings by visiting the Jade Market, where the most renowned gems in the whole wide range of shapes can be found. Explore the tranquil landscapes along the Irrawaddy River before visiting the remains of Pahtodawgyi, known as the biggest brick pavilion of reddish brick when completed.

Later in the afternoons we turn to Amarapura. Transfers to Monywa, in the north-west of Mandalay. Visiting the Thanbuddhay Pagoda, where more than 500,000 statues, reliquaries and other holy items are kept; the scenic Bodhi Tataung Monastery, where the huge lying Buddha and the upright Buddha are in. It is possible to explore the beautiful Twin Taung with a crystalline sea in the caldera, if it is not too early.

Accommodation in your lodgings. Go to a Cheeroot plant and a souvenir shop where they are selling Theanaka. A handcrafted Myanmar style of smoke, it is highly appreciated by the locals, especially the men. Often used as a kind of fundamental cosmetic made from a native forest for Myanmar woman and child, it shows the identities of the country's people.

Afterwards, drive down the Irrawaddy River to Bagan and admire the magnificent views of the shores. Accommodation in Bagan. Excursion to Bagan, one of the most spectacular archeological places in Asia. Visiting some of the most noteworthy temple wagon sights, among them the fine and well-preserved Ananda temple, the solid, rot stonewalled Htilominlo, the highest Thatbyinnyu, the biggest Dhammayangyi........

Later in the afternoons, stop at Pyathatgyi Temple to admire the stunning views of all of Bagan, which has sunken at sundown. Accommodation in Bagan. Bagan - Popa - KalawTransfer from Bagan to Kalaw, on the way visiting Mount Popa 50 km south-east of Bagan, which is known as the residence of the Nats (spirits worshipped in Burma).

Find out more about nature and the adoration of nature as you walk past many sanctuaries, meeting native believers and enjoy the panoramic views of the area. Continue to Kalaw across the wide arid Myanmar plain and gradually ascend to Shan Plateau. Accommodation in Kalaw. Go full-time trek around Kalaw, one of the best treks in Myanmar.

We will stop for a brief camp site luncheon and then continue to a Palaung community settlement. The Hnee Buddha with a 500-year-old Buddha and the Shwe U Min Buddha - a cavern full of gold Buddhas on the way back to the capital.

Later in the afternoons back to the city of Kalaw. Accommodation in Kalaw. Inle, Kalaw Morning excursion to the colourful Kalaw Fair, which is visited by many regional people. Accommodation in Nyaungshwe or Inle Lake. Discover craftsmanship in the nearby hamlet of Inpawkhone, known for the Intha' ancient weave-making.

We' ll also be visiting a handcrafted Cheeroot plant where Myanmar is made. Accommodation in your lodgings. Heho/ Ngapali FlightMorning flights to Thandwe, then transfers from the airfield to the Ngapali hotels, 20 minute southbound journey, the last stop of your itinerary. Accommodation in Ngapali. Ngapali/ Yangon DepartureFree day to rest.

Transfers to the Yangon International for your flights to and from Yangon. Finish the 3-week trip in Myanmar. If you have the option of having a French-speaking guidebook (at an extra charge) throughout the entire trip, please do not hesitate to do so.

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