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Contains the Constitution and other relevant links in English from the Asian Legal Information Institute. Myanmar / Burma laws, ordinances and regulations by date. Although they use outdated methods to smother the flow of information, they pay lip service to e-projects and IT initiatives of all kinds. Find out all about Burma Ruby, including choosing a gem for your collection. The Burma Campaigns were not a sideshow.

BBC Office for Burma

I got messages this week-end that I never thought I would listen to. Myanmar's Ministry of Information said that the BBC, along with three other multinational intelligence companies, has been officially authorized to open a press office in Burma, also known as Myanmar. Nearly exactly one year ago I told you that the BBC World Newspaper will be broadcasted in Burma.

The BBC was the first multinational communications organization to launch audible reports on cell phone in Burma this year. We' re the only global channel to offer text messages and sports newsletters within Burma. The BBC's Burma BBC broadcasts are now on FM in Burma. The BBC Myanmar, a ministry available since 1940, now has a valued public of 8.4 million, nearly a fourth of the people.

Independant research shows that the BBC has become the most trustworthy channel in Burma. Burma's authorities have taken notice of the BBC. Deputy Information Minister U Ye Htut recognised the BBC as a "role model" for its journalistic standards and said that this had made the BBC a top order of business for the office opening.

BBC's Media Action charitable organization is working to educate the next generations of Burma's media, which includes state broadcasters, and provides not only technological but above all educational editing on the BBC's BBC value of independence. Without being afraid or favored, we will talk about the country's shifting face, and we have made this clear to the Myanmaris.

Our intention is to open our office next year. The BBC has many offices around the globe.

INCRE:: Dispute Data Service: Online Guide: Myanmar (Burma)

These include a warnings about the nature of the information contained in the Guidelines, information about our "Criteria for Inclusion" in the Guidelines and about our "Update and Supplementary Policy". The site offers a broad spectrum of periodically up to date information and coverage of what is happening in Myanmar (Burma). Burma's pages contain a series of articles and tales.

Homepage of the Myanmar Army Goverment (Burma). This is mainly used for information on the tourist and investments sectors. The Consulate Information Bulletin on Myanmar (Burma) is periodically up-dated. ASEAN' s pages offer a broad variety of information on the lands of the area, and Myanmar included. This site contains information on the humanitarian conditions in Myanmar (Burma) and contains related documentation such as treaty organs and newsletters.

ADB help and programs in Myanmar. There is an archives of the Burma debate, a six-page annual publishing and current Burmese intelligence from various resources. There are also well-organized hyperlinks to other resources. The Amnesty International provides a broad spectrum of information and reporting on the state of Myanmar (Burma).

The BCUK provides analyses to the press and governments and works to enhance Burma's governance and trade policies. This site provides information about the land and information about the campaigns. Free Burma website is a huge source containing large quantities of materials. The site contains a wealth of information about the Mon tribe, an ethnical group in the county, and stories from the Thailand-based'Mon Information Service'.

The site contains photos of Karen refugees and information about the Karen people in Myanmar (Burma). A US foundation committed to democratization in Burma. It contains information on the language of the different communities in Myanmar (Burma). An online archive of categorized and commentated hyperlinks to more than 11,000 full-text texts on Burma/Myanmar.

The HRW site on Burma, with a link to HRW reporting on Burma. The ICG Burma/Myanmar website, with a link to current ICG political summaries and briefs on various topics, such as minority groups, civic groups, HIV/AIDS, the character of the Burmese warfare.

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