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Burma is the biggest country in Southeast Asia and the distance between the touristic places is treacherous. There are three main attractions of Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan in 7-8 nights, but there are so many other places of interest. 2 Yangon 2 Tage, Bagan 2-3 Tage, Mount Popa 1 Tag, Mandalay 3 Tage, Maymyo 1 Tag, Inle Lake 3 Tage, Kalaw 1 Tag, Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock) 1 Tag, Maruk-U 3 Tage, Ngapali 4 Tage.

Myanmar should not be taken lightly in deciding whether to go to Myanmar. Although we do not deny that the Myanmar army system is illegal and there are many good reason not to visit the state, we at Oasis believe that the tourist industry is one of the few ways that locals can directly alleviate their fate.

Burma is a simple place for foreign government, let's face it, there are many other (much more powerful) nations with just as dirty and dispotic regime. When you want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a trip to Myanmar, we are more than glad, or when you want more information, both from the web sites "encouraging travel" and "discouraging travel" we are more than glad to make it available.

Most domestic departures leave Yangon very early, so your accommodation will often be picked up at 04:00 or 05:00. Trains can only be reserved up to 3 nights in advance, so we can only book this at the last minute.

For more information on train trips, please consult your advisor. The trips last 1 or 2 overnight stays between Mandalay and Bagan up to 20 overnight trips to tropical areas that are seldom frequented by international visitors. An excellent 2-3 hour excursion from Yangon to Twante by boat is a great way to see how the locals are living and traveling (the boat is very, very easy) and can be integrated into any Myanmar itinerary.

Lake Inle is always best discovered with small privately owned yachts. There are three main tourist seasons in Myanmar. In Yangon, even during the rainy period, there are usually rain in the mornings and afternoons, while precipitation in Bagan and Mandalay is very low. Inle Lake and Southern Shan State are usually mild all year round, but cool at nights from December to February.

Burma, currently known as Myanmar by the Burmese army, is located between Bangladesh and Thailand with coastlines on the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Myanmar is not the place for those looking for culinary delights. Fruits from Lake Inle such as berries, tomato and avocado are very good.

The area, now known as Myanmar, has a population dating back at least 5000 BC. When the empire was expanding, the emperors passed into a time of the construction of pagodas and the so-called "Golden Age" of Bagan began. It took until 1287, when the Mongols marched in and plundered Bagan.

In 1636 the Britons, the Netherlands and the French forged trade relations with Burma and used the richness of the country's cultural heritages. However, in the first half of the 19th century, a string of battles led to the vast majority of the coastlines being placed under Britain's rule and the whole of Burma being under Britain's con.

Burma achieved sovereignty in 1948 after the final Japanese victory. After Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy's junta's democratically defeated leader in September 1988 and the rulers' subsequent denial of government, massive rallies by students led to another putsch and the creation of the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), which has governed Myanmar ever since.

Thus "Rangoon" became "Yangon" and the river "Irrawaddy" became "Ayeyarwady" etc. Therefore one can see clues to the same place with different name. Unaccompanied travelers need a pre-arranged prior visas before arriving in Myanmar. You can apply for a visas through the Oasis visaink service or directly with the Union of Myanmar Embassy.

Visa are for a stay of 28 nights and must be used within 3 month of issuance. Currently no major payment systems are available in Myanmar, so you should have enough money with you to pay for your purchases in the state. U.S. dollar is widely used in Myanmar and is readily convertible into the Kyat-denomination.

Traveller's checks are currently not acceptable. Our advisors will be pleased to give you advice in the week before your departure. Myanmar's health care system is fundamental, to say the least. It is recommended that the visitor seek advice from his family doctor before traveling to Myanmar as to what immunizations are necessary.

Make sure you have good health coverage before you leave. It' 220-230V AC in Myanmar. The majority of most of the world' s major holiday resorts have their own power-generator. Non stop flying Sydney - Yangon (Rangoon). Currently there are no non-stop services between Australia and Myanmar.

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