Burma in June

Myanmar in June

I' m Kachin State and Northern Shan State. The FCO Minister visits Bangladesh for talks on the Rohingya crisis and the education of girls. I' m in Nepal and I'm thinking about a visit to Burma. In search of Burma's forgotten heroes of World War II.

June is a good months to come to Burma? - Yamamaha Message Board

June is a good months to come to Burma? I' m going to Burma, but I only have a few days in JUNE, is that a good one? She says from her home website that it is the beginning of the rainy period? is June a good months to come to Burma? I am looking at something similar, i.e. a weekly trip in early June.

June is a good months to come to Burma? Yes, it is the beginning of the rainy seasons, Monsun. Heavy rains, but also sunny, better than the hottest time of the year, is June a good months to come to Burma? which towns in the north can you easily be in? Looks like the northerly parts have good wheather.......

June is a good time of the year to come to Burma? I think, and having been there many a time in these past few weeks, yes, it would be raining! Definitely not every day, and yet you have the opportunity to watch sunrise and sunset during your would-be trip - is June a good time for visiting Burma?

In fact, there are 3 areas in Burma, from southwards to north: the Yangon River valley, the arid area and the mountain range. In the arid area, in the Shan state, Bagan and Mdl are more rainy, but also sunny. Northerly parts have nice wheather. I' d say the main parts have much less rains, just off Mdl is more hilly & much less people.

June is a good months to come to Burma? But what are towns in the "dry zone"? I' m not familiar with Burma, can you call such good towns in the'dry zone'? is June a good months to go to Burma? is June a good by? is June a good by?

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