Burma in December

Myanmar in December

So the best time to visit Burma is the drier winter months from October to March. Given the new situation in Myanmar, I have decided it is time to travel there and see the beautiful country itself. Myanmar has several holidays. At the beginning of December, Burma promised to work with UN experts. Human rights situation of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar The recent deadly attacks on security forces in West Burma are qualitatively different from anything seen in recent decades.

Burma (Myanmar) December 2018 Excursions

Experience the high points of North Thailand and Myanmar on this 13-day trip, which begins in Bangkok and ends in Yangon. Encounter the mountain people of Chiang Rai and get to know how to prepare Thai meals in Chiang Mai. Discover Mandalay and see the sun set on the U Bein Bridge. Ride the Irrawaddy River, wander through the temple-filled levels of Bagan and much more.

Burma/Denmark 15 December - 2 January travel tips.

Hello, Given the new conditions in Myanmar, I have chosen to go there and see the beauty of the area. Some place I could be recommended in my two week period?

Myanmar. Welcome to Myanmar. If you are a first-time user, you should go to Yangon, Bago, Golden Rock Pagoda, Inle Lake, Mandalay and Bagan. A fortnight is just enough to get you to all these places.

Depending on your budgets you can take a trip by coach, rail, boat, plane or rental vehicle for 2 saturdays. This is Myanmar, a golden land unlike any other Asian land.

The best season to explore Myanmar, its cool and arid landscape, is December. If you are a first-timers, and within 2 week you should go to Yangon-Kyikehtooyoo(Golden Rock),Mandalay,Pyin Oo Lwin,Monwyar, Sagaing,Min Gun,Bagan, Popa,Salay, Heho,Pindaya ,Inle. enjoying your journey, 4.

Welcome to Myanmar. A two weeks trip is good enough to get around the countryside for the first trip, but many things you can do within Myanmar.

Coaches are the least expensive form of travel in Myanmar and are all private property. Burma is the best place to explore the sea and get to know each other. I' m sure you' re going to have a great quality then.

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