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A charming hotel is an idyllic Burmese refuge. Kalemyo Moe Hotel, Kalemyo, Sagaing, Burma. Myanmar Hotel Warning with increasing number of rooms. Welcome to the Home Hotel. Please see the overview of Burma hotels in the following section.

Best-West opens its first Burmese resort

Best Western International has declared to open its first Burmese resort. A contract has been concluded with the hospitality industry to manage the Green Hill Hotels, a six months old building in Burma's biggest town, Yangon. Best-Western says it is the first US hospitality firm to enter the up-and-coming region.

Last year a landmark million people visited Burma, two third of them holidaymakers. This figure is projected to rise by 30% in 2013. Meanwhile there are less than 800 establishments for these travellers, and most of them are below internationally accepted hotel standard. Green Hill Hotel is run by Best West Internationally under its medium-sized Best West label.

"Myanmar is undoubtedly one of the HOTEST HOTELS MARCHES in the Globe, with a sharp rise in the number of new hotels that are needed for a large flow of guests," said Glenn de Souza, Best Western's VP of Int'l operation for Asia and the Middle East, in a letter of intent.

"It is therefore important that hoteliers in the region select the right partner to guarantee optimal property performance." Mr. Bruce Ford, SVP and D IRECTOR of Lodging Econometrics, a hospitality consultancy, said it will take a while for Western and American hospitality companies to become a major player in a land they have been excluded from for so long.

"It' s going to take a while to get supplies up there, because there aren' t many places that could be rebuilt," he said. "that new-builds may take three to four years to build." "A lot of large franchises would like to find places and facilities that they can include in their brand families because the law on overseas investments has changed," he said.

The Souza said Best Western is working for a long-term commitment to invest in Burma. "In Myanmar, Best Western International wants to enter into long-term and enduring relationships to promote the country's tourist industry," he said. "is only the beginning of our plan for Myanmar."

Green Hill Hotel has 189 air-conditioned rooms, all with 32 -inch screens, baths with bathtub and shower and free Wi-Fi. It has a modern dining room with Asiatic and other foreign cuisines and conference rooms for businesspassen.

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