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Last November I was travelling alone and to be honest I never had a problem to find accommodation. I had the most difficulty to find a cot and I went to a full 4 places next to each other before I found something. What I found was a motel with a double room and a very friendly English woman and she was more than lucky to be sharing.

Simply talk to people, see if someone wants to divide a room, divide a taxi/boat. I got a letter of endorsement the morning before I got here. Received another e-mail confirming my acknowledgement unconfirmed and saying, "maybe" I would have a bed in when I got there, but they could not ensure a bed or what kind of room I would be in.

From Inle I ran into a bawd, leaving her pockets in the guest house and said she would be back on Wednesday and stay the overnight. You didn't have a cot when they got back on Wednesday.

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