Burma Holidays when to go

Myanmar Holidays, when to go

Private tour; starting point: What is the purpose of your holiday in Myanmar? Burmese beaches offer a more luxurious holiday experience than any other, with unspoiled sand and fine resorts. We can plan your tailor-made Burma vacation. A Myanmar tour is the ultimate destination for many travellers on their holiday in Indochina.

Myanmar Holidays tours

Sudanese Burma (Myanmar) was described by Mr Kipling as'quite different from any other place you know' and it still sounds that way today. Beyond this, there are still towns and countryside where folk still carry folk clothing as part of their daily lives, travelling by horses and wagons and earning a livelihood like their ancestors.

But this is not a country wrapped in jelly, it is undergoing change, it is developing, and it is part of the attraction for the visitors to experience this progressive change. Visiting this particular country will make you feel illuminated and rich. You will find below some of our most popular accommodation in Burma.

You can also view our entire list of real estate by pressing the "All accommodation" tab. If you are interested in traveling to Burma, we will be happy to help you organize your itinerary. Speak to a Burma tourism professional today. Schedule your tailor-made vacation in Burma. You tell us what you want and we will make your journey for you.

Myanmar (Burmese) is the country's main foreign tongue. Minimum 6 month after the end of the journey and with a lot of space for entrance and departure stamp.

Tailor-made adventure and group tours in Burma (Myanmar)

Presumably the best-kept mystery in Southeast Asia, Burma is a breathtaking land with a vast crowd to cater for. There is a choice of small group trips and personalised, tailor-made vacations that cover the various tourist activities and allow you to get a true feeling for the area. Breathtaking Bagan Sanctuaries, stretching across a vast dust plains, are one of the most important historic places in Asia, with excellent possibilities for exploring secluded stupas and watching a magnificent sun set over the canopies.

Yangon's colorful Yangon architectural style will take you back to the time of Britain's domination, alongside antique Buddhaist memorials that are still in use today. Discover old convents and tour the Inle Lake towns and immerse yourself in the country's past in the regal town of Mandalay. We' ll also get off the well-trodden footpath and head to areas that seldom, if ever, meet westerly visitors, as well as trips over Thailand's countryside across recent open countryside border.

Myanmar is a country that is very hard to find in other Southeast Asia. This is a group trip that really goes beyond the touristic path, from the messy and charismatic Yangon, where we undertake a sacred Shwedagon trip, over Kayah settlements and old cloisters. They have the opportunity to hike to the Kayah State towns and find out about the Long Neck people.

In Mandalay, you' ll find a bike trip to Kalaw and a retirement elephant sanctuary to see why this group trip is so different. It is possible to travel across the Burma-Thailand frontier for the first ancestors. Via the new capitol Nay Pyi Daw we drive on to Bagan before we are brought to the fruitful countries of the Shan-Mountain.

We culminate in the discovery of a remote and only recently opened part of eastern Shan State, where we can interoperate with many different indigenous people. It is an memorable cross-country tour through an exiting and mostly undiscovered part of Burma. Observe astonishing sundowns over the old Bagan Temple and admire these centuries-old memorials.

Explore the pristine buildings and sights of Mandalay, see some of the locals at the scenic Inle Lake and walk across the beautiful teeny bridges at Amarapura.

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