Burma Holidays when to go

Myanmar Holidays, when to go

feasts This is Burma, it is very different from any other place you know. As real as when she was written by Kipling in 1898, Myanmar's one-of-a-kind civilization, surrounded by a lush and unspoiled countryside, is nothing less than a fascinating and captivating journey. As a matter of fact, you are much more likely to see traditional clad friars and Chin ladies with their unmistakable face tats, elaborately decorated to mirror the nature's surround.

Drive the Irrawaddy and Inle Lake and enjoy Myanmar's unparalleled charms. Horseback through the vast plain of Bagan in the heart of Myanmar, dotted with over 2,000 antique stupa and shrines dating from the 11th to 13thcentury. It' difficult to tell why Myanmar is so particular.

I would like to trace it back to its varied scenery, from the Temple of Bagan to the foggy banks of Inlay Sea, but there is something indefinable about Myanmar's undeniable attraction.

Accommodation in Burma on the coast

Burma's coastline (Myanmar) is sandy with miles of footprint-free sands, more than 800 pristine tourist pristine islets, the temples of at least three old empires and a welcoming farming and fishing community that make Burma's shores places to flee and relax. Mrauk U Princess is the most beautiful resource in the archeological community of Mrauk U in the north of Rakhine state of Burma.

Situated in a secluded setting of its own, this luxuriant retreat is encircled by the Mrauk U River and vast rice rush. Luxurious Aureum Spa is the leading Indian Ocean Ngapali Beach style fashion house. Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, this stylish seaside retreat with its traditionally secluded teak roofs provides a retreat to chill out and recreational.

Known as the Golden City, Mrauk U was the state of Rakhine's main city from the fifteenth to eighteenth century when the Brits moved it to Sittwe. Sittwe is a small fishermen's village that became the state of Rakhine's capitol after the Anglo-Burmese War. Today it is home to almost 200,000 population.

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