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Yangon is still a Myanmar town of the past, with its long, beadle nut-chewing pedestrian streets, Bordeaux Buddhist friars and road markings, most of which are spelled in the area. Electrifying, captivating, insightful: Yangon is not only the first stop with its multinational airports, but also a fulfilled part of your Myanmar-abroad.

Formerly the capitol of the pagan empire, the first empire to bring together areas that now make up contemporary Myanmar, Bagan's towns can serve any traveller. The archaeological zone of Bagan will certainly pamper you if you enjoy visiting old churches; it has the highest concentrations of Buddhist churches, pagodas, remains and stupas in the whole canyon.

More than 10,000 buddhistic shrines were constructed in the eleventh and thirteenth century - 2200 have lived and are still aging with great grace. If, after a long jumping days, you feel like doing something else, try Myanmar's response to Mamite... Myanmar's multicultural and business centre, Mandalay, is full of young joie de vivre and excitement for the futurolog.

But it also has a significant past; it was not only the last Burma's imperial capitol, but there were also many important old pagodas. The glittering water of the Inle Sea lies in the midst of the Nyaung Shwe valley, against a fog-blue background of mountains. Its enchanting scenery is continued by the sea front sanctuaries, the most extraordinary being the Nga Hpe Chaung or Jumping Cat Monasteries, so named after the local cat training the local kittens to leap through horses.

The Hpaung Daw U Festival is a three-week event if you are fortunate enough to be visiting in September and October. You will be sure to see the old-fashioned shan-clad boating race with tens of rival oars and the parade of adored Buddhist sculptures on a adorned sail.

Besides one of the nine unique types of seafood in the area, a tour of the area is not without sampling the Inle meal htaminejin - a risotto, thyme and potatoesalad, or seafood lettuce with roasted onions, chives root, whole dry chili and much more. Visiting here is not only a sea voyage, but also an impression of the intriguing life and traditions of the seafarers.

Just think of standing on a hill overlooking café gardens, lively towns, untouched streams, breathtaking mountain scenery and even elephant working in the pinewoods - welcome to Kalaw. Located at 1320m on the Shan Plateau hill, Kalaw is the ideal place to make a hike that won't get your back.

Their only excitement is the colorful Kalaw Fair, the ideal place to taste some of the locals' dishes and flavor. If you are an adventurer, there is a good choice of walks between here and Lake Inle, with the inevitable chance to spend the night in a buddhistic sanctuary. The Kalaw hills are a paradise for those who love the outdoors and historical sites.

The 135 Myanmar Tribe clans are without a doubt one of the many pleasures this colorful land has to boast of. Explore the variety within and between the Kachin, Kayah, Chin, Mon, Bama, Rakhine and Shan clans, each with different traditions, clothing and nationalities. Not only are the Chinese productive in their homeland Myanmar, but also in neighboring countries such as Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur and Assam.

Tailor-made options For a more intimate and individual travel option, we can tailor a tour to suit your needs. Burma has breathtaking itineraries for everyone, whatever their degree of expertise. North Shan State' countryside highland will tempt the most passionate hiker, while those looking for a less demanding hike will appreciate the scenic trail from the Kalaw Pinewoods to Lake Inle.

In between, hike to the top of Mount Victoria and take advantage of the extra benefits of a world-class birdwatching site and a Chin tribe adventure. In Myanmar there is a party almost every weekend of the year, but you have to be in the right place at the right one.

How about a squirt at the Wasserfest, one of Myanmar's most celebrated feasts, where the natives shower each other with cleanup rituals before the beginning of the new year? You can also enjoy the Buddha statue parades on Lake Ilne at the Phaung Daw Oo Fest, one of Myanmar's greatest buddhistic fortresses.

Myanmar's rich story is about the thriving Myanmar empires, all of which leave their own ineradicable traces in the Myanmar archeological world. After all, we travel westwards to the former Mrauk U empire, which is regarded as one of the most important archeological places in Myanmar. Myanmar's Ayeyarwady River has always been an important trading and supply hub for the countryside throughout the state.

Seeing Myanmar's old marshes shimmer against the dying star in the sea is a life-long reminder. On Myanmar's western shore, Ngapali has a vast sandy beaches with palm trees and clear blue sea. A Bengal Gulf of Bengal view snows down is the ideal way to round off your Myanmar game.

Have an early dawn hot air flight with surprising views of the old temple of this vast site. Inle Lake lies in the midst of the luxuriant south Shan State hill. Myanmar's cooking can be just as appealing with Indian and Thai cuisines. Attend some of the city' s grocery stores and swimming kitchen garden on Lake Inle.

Please ask us to bring some experience with eating to your journey to Myanmar.

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