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What is Gecko doing in Myanmar? Myanamar, also known as Myanamar, is begging to be explored. Discounted opening hours on Saturdays and holidays. They have been selected by the team to be the'icing and sparklers' on your holiday in Asia. Here you will find our sample tour packages for road trips in Myanmar.

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Burma is a one-of-a-kind land between India and Thailand. Isolated for centuries, Myanmar has recently opened up and begun to turn to the tourist industry, so now is the right moment to do so! It is a fabulous land with innumerable glimmering gold buddhistic churches, beautiful countryside and breath-taking sandy and islets. You will be fascinated by the unbelievable Yangon silhouettes, the unbelievable antique remains of Bagan, the breath-taking landscape around Inle Lake and Kalaw and the inviting local people.

Further phenomenonal climaxes are the antique imperial town of Mandalay and the golden rocks at Mount Kyaiktiyo, - Kyaikthiyo or'golden rock' - a gigantic rocks entirely coated with golden leaves, which is finely poised at the edges of a bluff.

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Unknown for the most part, this antique civilization has a lot to boast, from great sacred relics to 19 -th grade artworks. Myanmar holidays give you the opportunity to explore Burma's cultural heritage, from the splendid Shwedagon Pagoda, an exceptional 4531-diamond sacred landmark, to beautiful scenery such as Kandawgyi National Park, whose botanic gardens are home to over 480 different types of plants, bushes and treelife.

Discover the impressive Bagan, an old, former town with over 2,000 Buddhist landmarks stretching across the wide, green plains. You can also enjoy the breathtaking view of a swimming farming on Lake Inle.

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Burma High Points

Burma (also known as Burma) is a one-of-a-kind land between India and Thailand and includes facets of the culture of India and Southeast Asia. Isolated for centuries, Myanmar has now opened up and embraced audiences from all over the globe. It is a fabulous land with innumerable glimmering gold buddhistic sanctuaries, beautiful scenery with hills and luxuriant countryside and breathtaking tropic sands.

You will be fascinated by the quiet Myanmar cloisters, the unbelievable historic places, the breath-taking landscape and the inviting local people. Myanmar's spectacular landmarks include the old imperial town of Mandalay, the breath-taking mountains around Lake Inle and Kalaw, the rocky cliffs on Mount Kyaiktiyo, the unbelievable Yangon panoramas and of course the gigantic antique remains of Bagan, one of the world's most spectacular antique places!

We' ll take the opportunity to discover the isolated landscape of the mountains and the wilderness in several convents and to discover the beautiful towns and historic heritages.

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