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The Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd. Where does the travel expert like to go on holiday? Nous sommes spécialisés dans le domaine du massgeschneiderte und Gruppenreisen und Ferien au Myanmar. Lonely-pla Try as they might as they might, and as good as they are, the good people at Lonely Planet cannot possibly remain up to date on Myanmar Travel or Burma Holidays. Though I explored this quite a bit (lots of threads on Lonely Planet forums) and decided against it.

destinations in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is by far the country's biggest capital, Yangon (???????), the most thrilling place where former exiled politicians, Asiatic investment and international explorers spend time. It is Yangon, Myanmar's business and art centre, which is the most representative of the changes that have taken place in the changing face of the planet since the reopening of the state.

Mandalay is the most important center of Oberburma's people and the birthplace of Burma's art, civilization and people. While Yangon is a multifaceted micromicrocosm of the country, Mandalay continues to be an urbane manifestation of Burma's ethnical identities, despite all its intercourse and constructio. andalay ( (???????) will never be the winner of a contest.

Myanmar's second town is a relatively new development, established in 1857 at the base of Mandalay by King Mindon as his kingdom. It is a mound whose hillsides are littered with coupe crops, still towering above the town. However, Mandalay was bombarded shallowly during World War II and the castle vanished, along with many others.

Travelers to the east of Myanmar have the opportunity to explore both the wonderful Inle Lake and some of the country's most scenic treks. As much of East Myanmar stays shut due to the continuing war, more and more places are opening up to people. One of Myanmar's major tourist destinations.

Formerly the capitol of a mighty antique empire, the area known as Bagan (????) or, from a bureaucratic point of view, the "Bagan Archaeological Zone" covers an imposing area of 26 square kilometres. Oddly enough, the south of Myanmar has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Inle Lake is one of Myanmar's most expected goals, and all the frenzy is there.

Imagine a large, calm sea - 13. Rough and isolated north of Myanmar provides a intriguing blend of races from indigenous minorities and the opportunity to visit some of the least frequented areas of the state. Whilst much of this extensive territory stays outside the borders, two major roads are open. To get away from the hustle and bustle of Mandalay, do what the British colonialists did and come to Pyin Oo Lwin.

Myanmar's most western states - Rakhine (also known as Arakan) and Chin - are secluded, robust and worthwhile. Travelers to Rakhine State have a tendency to limit themselves to the untouched sands and the blue water of Myanmar's first seaside destination: Rakhine (sometimes also called Rakhaing) and Arakan are interchangable concepts referring to the tribe, state and accent of Myanmar's most western state: home of the noteworthy temple of the old capitol Mrauk U in the northern part and the palm-fringed seaside town of Ngapali in the southern part.

At the heart of the archaeological zone of Bagan are several of the most important temples, ramparts, a factory, a museum, a restored castle, a number of boutiques and a group of mid- to upper-price hotel establishments. Myanmar's southern most part, today known as Tanintharyi District (?????????????), is the strach-dam. As an important paddy farming area, the Danube also hosts historical cities such as Pathein, which is the best starting point for discovering the area, and Thanlyin.

At Scruffy, Busy Nyaungshwe (????????) is the primary gateway to Inle lake. Situated at the north end of the sea, the city was once the capitol of an important Shan empire (the former Saophase residence (princes of heaven), which reigned here, is now a museum).

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