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Tailor your holiday to your needs. Myanmar Holidays: Burma Cultural Holidays Flights included from 2,985, gentle strolls, rich heritage and convenient accommodations, our Burma vacations are the best way to discover this amazing area. In the Sunday Times'100 Bestolidays in the World' this is one of the most beautiful and interesting days I have ever had - due to the places of interest and the local people' cultures (plus a very good quality hotel with great food) - but above all the character, expertise and patriotism of our leader have made this journey extraordinary.

The opportunity to meet locals and enjoy personal favorite food and tea in locals rather than tourist places. Really enjoys the hiking aspects of the vacation. Its Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake route could not help but be impressed with the story, civilization, scenery and astonishing cobblers.

He was well-informed, passionate & seemed to know everyone in Burma, so he would stop & talk & present us to all kinds of intruders. In addition to the glorious gold temple of Shwedagon and historical Yangon (Rangoon) colonies, there are three "must see" areas that will be visited for the first getaway in Burma:

The Mandalay - the countrys culture centre and source of inspirations for many authors and performers; Bagan - a wide plateau of wonderfully designed churches and memorials; and Inle Lake, where swimming towns are home to fishers and peasants whose way of living has hardly evolved for hundreds of years.

We' ve planned this route with care to explore not only these areas on your holiday in Burma, but also the secret pearls of Pyin Oo Lwin and Kalaw; two historical British mountain resorts in the middle of a wonderful landscape. Our strolls are conducted in accordance with the routes of our Burma vacation at a relaxing speed and allow us to experience everyday situations at firsthand.

There is a lot to see and do during the vacation to Burma and the whole liveliness of living in this amazing land is on the menu. We have also taken the necessary amount of leisure activities in the busiest areas to make sure you get the most out of your vacation by taking a trip off the well-trodden paths to the main attractions such as the Shwedagon Pagoda and the U Bein Brigde, the longest wooden deck in the canyon.

Our trekking vacations in Burma will give you the opportunity to explore both the culture and the lasting tradition of this amazing "Golden Land". We have chosen to stay in independent and comfortable properties that provide good services for your holiday.

Burma's beautiful scenery, cultural and hospitable atmosphere awaits you - make your reservation now and start your voyage of exploration. Or we can provide Golden Trails of Burma as a personal tour, following the same route on the best time. Lunch and dinner, where provided, are taken in a mix of traditional restaurant and your accommodation hotel.

Head to Yangon (Rangoon) for sundown at the Shwedagon Pagoda. Full-time cruise on the Ayeyarwaddy River to Bagan (July depart - river cruise to see Mingun and head to Bagan instead). Flight to Heho, walk from Kalaw, shuttle to Inle Lake. Hiking and sight-seeing around Lake Inle. Besides English, many travel books talk the dialect of some ethnical groups you will meet in the countryside - another plus point for the interest and pleasure of your vacation.

Visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda at sundown. Usually planes depart at noon, so after some relaxation you will go to the Shwedagon Pagoda at night. Known around the globe, the gold stupa of Shwedagon ("shwe" means golden) is regarded as the "heart" of Buddhist Burma. The number of Myanmar prayer and sacrifice in Shwedagon is always high, and it is a captivating place to observe the outside worlds.

It is the change from twilight in the afternoons to the evenings that contributes to the spectacular and atmospheric setting of this beautiful Temples. Coach trip and afternoons hike - 3 hrs½ This morning you will depart with the transfer to Yangon airport (Rangoon) for a home trip to Mandalay (approx. 1½ hours).

It meanders through orchards and orchards, a drive of about 2 hrs to Maymyo, a former British hill station. Upon arriving in this busy city of markets, take a ride in one of the city' s most popular horse-drawn carriages, which are used by residents and tourists equally.

You will take a stroll in the immediate vicinity in the afternoons. There are some beautiful falls in the town of Pwe Kauk that were known in the UK as Hampshire Falls and are still a favourite place for picnics for the locals. Starting from Pwe Kauk you hike through beautiful hilly landscapes through several Shan, Danu and Burman communities.

On the way you will stop at the old and beautiful Sae Ta Lone Tea Convent, where you can be refreshed. This hike ends at the road where you will find your transportation near the Myaing Gyi cloister. 4th Dagger Railway to Gokteik Viaduct - 4h.

You will take the small route to Pyin Oo Lwin rail terminal this mornings to take the commuter to Naung Bein, past the imposing Gokteikiadukt. On the way there you can walk and watch the animated exchange between rail travelers and vendors, ranging from ricecourses and pasta meals to eaten savoury quails egg and herbs.

About three and a half hour after the ride the speed of the trains decelerates and the Gokteik Giaduct comes into sight. When Pennsylvania Steel Company constructed the Viadukt in 1901, it was the second highest overpass in the whole wide 102m canyon. Just after you cross the gangway you get out and drive back to Pyin Oo Lwin, where there is enough spare moment to discover the city and maybe even see some small village homes where the family still make Noe-chauk - a Shan treat made of dry stripes of milt.

After your comeback you will see the caverns and falls of Peik Chin Myaung. 5th and 5th days - Visiting the Botanic Garden. Today mornings you will be visiting the National Kandawgyi Garden - about $5 onsite. Later, you go to Mandalay, a journey of about 2h. Burma's last regal capitol is Mandalay.

It is Burma's second biggest town, with a total of more than one million inhabitants and the center of business activities in the south. Mandalay, however, is Burma's heritage center with over 700 pilasters and a number of landmark buildings, churches and convents, all backed by a plethora of handicrafts, among them woodcarvings, marbles, weavings, tapestries and the production of goldfle.

In the afternoon you will see Mandalay's main attractions, starting at Mandalay Palace. You will end your days with a short stay at Shwe Kyin Monastery just before sundown to watch the students praying. Stage 6 - Visiting the Mahamuni Pagoda and walking tour in Shan Kalay Kyun town. Explore Saigang Hills and U Bein Bridge.

Today in the mornings you will see the Mahamuni Pagoda, which contains the most sacred Buddha of Mandalay. You will take a brief stroll here (up to an hour) and in and around some of the homes you will undoubtedly discover a range of indigenous handicrafts, from making wallpaper and dolls' suits to cutting complicated ornamental wood plates, doorways and sills.

In the afternoon, after luncheon in a nearby restuarant, drive to the Sagaing Hills, a favourite refuge for Buddhists, where you can admire a beautiful worldview. This imposing building, which stretches across Lake Taungthaman, is the longest Teakwood deck in the worid and is carried by over 1,000 individual timber uprights.

A stroll into the middle of the viaduct and perhaps a refreshment at a teahouse will take you back to Mandalay. 7 a. m. - Full days to Bagan - about 8h. Depart in July only - variations due to the level of Ayeyarwaddy rivulet - visit of Mingun by riverboat, flight to Bagan).

An early morning at your motel will be followed by a 20 minutes brief shore shuttle to the Ayeyarwaddy to take your vessel on a full-time river cruise to Bagan. There is a landscape along the Ayeyarwaddy that is ageless - steers working in the field, buffaloes rolling in the silt, gold towers of the pagodas, fishers, village people swimming in the rivers and of course all kinds of boats and riverboats you can imagine.

Altough devoted to carrying strange tourists your inflatable can also carry some charge and it is possible that you are pulling in to the waterfront two or three time in order to unload/load bunch of crop, petrol or other supplies. ÿ On the other hand, you can also carry some charge. This trip usually lasts a whole full of days, so you can relax and take a rest from your hiking and visit.

Suppose your vessel is going according to plan, there may be enough sunset watching over the Bagan Temple before continuing to your accommodation. You will be transferred to the shores of the Ayeyarwaddy River for a 20 minutes brief ferry ride to Mingun after having arrived at your Mingun.

There is a landscape along the Ayeyarwaddy that is ageless - steers working the land, buffaloes rolling in the silt, gold towers of the pagodas, fishers, village people swimming in the rivers, and of course all kinds of boats and riverboats you can imagine. From your own boats you will be able to see the 50m high, walled Mingun Paya.

On your return to Mandalay, head out of town to the international airports for an after-noon southerly trip to Bagan. There may be enough sunset over Bagan Temple on your way to your destination, according to your itinerary. While there are contradictory reports of the number of sanctuaries covering the 16 sq. km (41 sq. km) of Bagan (between 1,800 and 4,000), the importance and splendor of this archeological site is undeniable.

Most of the memorials you see today date from the eleventh to thirteenth centuries, when Bagan was the capitol of Burma's first empire. At the end of the 1980s/beginning of the 1990', the Bagan housing estate was "vacated" by the state. Townspeople had to move to New Bagan.

Besides the churches, "Old Bagan" is now mainly the location of several numerous buildings, touristic restuarants and the magnificent (albeit somewhat out of place) archeological muse. Another major population in this area is the Nyaung U. Day 8 - Bagan Sanctuary Tours and a 2 to 3 hour long hike through the sundown.

Situated in Burma's arid area, Bagan enjoys higher temperature than areas such as Mandalay and Inle Lake. So the best times to discover on feet are early in the day or later. Early today we have an early buffet with the goal to begin a walking tour at 8.30 am.

Prior to exploring the area, you will first need to stop at the bustling community fair near the dock where your vessel was docking. You can find here all kinds of products of the rivers, but also vegetable, housewares and clothes. It is only a brief stroll from the square to the large gold-plated Shwezigon Pagoda, which King Anawrahta made in the early eleventh century.

Next are Ku Byauk Gyi, a sanctuary with fine mural paintings of Buddhist folk (Jataka) and Ananda temples with four giant Buddha pictures and many sitting statues around his inner rail. There is a little bit of relaxation after lunching at a nearby eatery before taking an afternoons walk.

Hiking is perhaps one of the best ways to discover Bagan and offers the opportunity to get away from other people and see less frequented places and more. Bagan Plains are dotted with palms of toddies and acacias, ox cart, zebus cows, goats and villages: the possibilities for taking pictures are endless.

In the area you will be exploring this afternoons, a 2 to 3-hour stroll takes you from Old Bagan over a few pagodas to the huge Dhammayangyi Phato. We start our stroll with a stroll to Minnan thu Village, then to Lay Htaung Kan Lake and on to Tamyetnha Temple Group.

9th day - Temple hike in the mornings - 3-4 h. Visiting Nat Htaung Kyaung. Start your stroll today by walking through the destroyed Old Bagan ramparts at the Tharabar Gates. There are 37 Nat worshiped in Burma, and you will see how the locals stop here to make small sacrifices before they continue their journey.

Inside the ramparts you will see Pitaka Taik, initially constructed as a public libraries, before going to Thatbyinnyu Temple, the highest in Bagan. Nearby Nat Hlaung Kyaung is the only Hindu temple in the group and opposite Nga Kaywe Nadaung, one of the oldest tenth century stupas in Bagan; the enamelled glassed glass tiles are still very clearly seen and a good example of the development of the Stupa.

There is a refreshing opportunity at a souvenir shop before you visit Mahua Paya, a Mon era sanctuary with a large lying Buddha almost concealed at the back of the sanctuary and near Nan Paya. Today you will visit Nat Htaung Kyaung, a convent founded by a group of friars in 1781.

This evening you will have supper in a typical tavern and have the opportunity to watch a puppeteering. 10 a. m. Flights to Heho. In the afternoons stroll to Nangthe - 3-3.36h. You' ll make the brief shuttle to Bagan airport this mornings for your connecting flights to Heho (1¼-1½hrs).

On a stroll through the city, where a large Nepalese and Indian Hindus live, you will have enough round-leg. You' re taking a stroll to the nearby Nangthe hamlet this afternoons. Your stroll starts from Ni Paya Monastery, above the city, with a descent before you cross terrace crops of gingerbread, garden vegetables, potatoes, beans, cabbage and oranges.

The hike takes about 3-3 ½ The hike takes about 3-3 hrs and includes about 250m up and down. Mornings 11 - Myin Ma Ti walking tour - 3-3 hrs½ Trip to Inle Lake. Kalaw has a much colder and colder climate and it's good to take another stroll this early birdie before starting the brief ride to Inle Lake.

You start your stroll through the pinewood and it takes about an hours until you see the first sign of genuine farming work. You will end your stroll at the pagoda in Myin Ma Ti, famous for its 200 m long lime stone caverns, where your car will meet you.

The hike takes about 3-3 ½ The hike takes about 3-3 hrs and includes about 300m up and down. You' ll probably have dinner in Kalaw before the one and a half hrs ride from the hill back to Nyaung Shwe on the shores of Inle Lak. This is where you take one of the boats that will take you across the beautiful lakeside for 20-30 mins. to get to yourtel.

12 Day - Inle Lake Dawn Stroll - 2h06hrs. In the afternoons we go for a boating trip. Lake Inle is a simple magic place; it is situated at 1,000 m above sea level and is surrounded by Intha Stilts home towns, swimming kitchen garden and fisher boats against the backdrop of the wonderful Shan Mountains, which provide wonderful strolls.

Motor yachts are the means of transportation across the sea, although the Intha are in conventional flat-bottomed vessels with a singular and skillful shape of oar. It is a special event on the shores of Inle Lake and is held every five trading nights between several lakeside towns.

You will stop the markets today or in the future, according to your itinerary. One possible alternative this mornings will first bring you to Thalee Oo Village, which has both a stretch of lake and a stretch of countryside, both with their own cloister.

Sailing through the buildings on footbridges, you get off at a footbridge and start your stroll on a shallow and shaded ox carts street through the town. Not only is this hike very beautiful, with both sides of the house in typical wooded areas, but it also has a good view over arable land to Inle Lake and the Shan Hills behind it.

A 45-minute stroll through Thalee Oo will take you to a traditional mill made entirely of timber, where you will see the separation of cereals, husks and bran. 2. Having admired the breathtaking views of Inle Lake and Shan Hills from your viewpoint, get off for a few moments before taking a shallow trail through the town of Alae Myaung back to the lake shore and your canoe.

The hike this mornings lasts about 2-2 ½ The hike this mornings lasts about 2-2 hrs and includes an uphill climb of 200m/650ft. You will take a trip through the beautiful scenery of the region this afternoons. Among them are: the renowned oarsmen - locals who run their small canoe across the sea with one of their feet; traditional swimming pools - constructed on floats made of hyacinths; whole towns on stilt and of course riverside temple and canyons.

It is the most sacred place on the shores of the pond and contains five small Buddha sculptures so strongly overlaid with goldfoot that they look more like balls than Buddhas in gild. Mornings 13 - Inle lake 3-4h. In the afternoons sightseeing of Inthein. Today's stroll can take you on the paths above Nyaung Shwe or from a town on the west bank of the lakeshore, such as Tone La or Than Taung.

On this side of the water, the mounds are home to the Pa-O, an ethnical group sometimes called" dragons" because of the brilliant reds and oranges of their women's headgear. Several Pa-O towns are about 5 or longer hrs from the lakeshore, so you will probably see some of them on their way to or from the water.

You will hike on a fairly level path for about 3-4 hrs this mornings. Your yacht will take you to the town of Inthein on the west side of the lak. This area is accessed via a long canal that runs from the central reservoir into the interior of the country. This is a particularly beautiful drive, and in the late afternoons, it may well be that peasants bring their ox or buffaloes into the sea to chill out.

A last cruise across the sea this mornin' to go back to Nyaung Shwe. Later in the day you will take a walk through the historical centre of Yangon (Rangoon), starting at the riverbank. Across the riverbank are some of the most spectacular monuments of settlement, such as the Myanmar Port Authority, the General Post Office and the Strand Hotel near by.

On the other side of the highway, the shores of the Ayeyarwaddy River are a beehive of activities where carriers carry giant bags of paddy rices, hawkers, trishaws as well as cruise people. It is the area where traders buy and buy bullion in a single game.

You will end your stroll here in a cafe, with plenty of last minute snack shop for those who want to end their day at the store before your bus ride brings you back to your accommodation. When there was not enough the second day to go to the Shwedagon Pagoda, this afternoon's stroll will be a little shorter to allow a day's outing.

There are no extra charges on your vacation after your reservation. You will receive a confirmation of the tour fare at the moment of your reservation. The" Airfare Included" shown on this website is calculated on the basis of our favourite carriers and the cheapest available economics classes at the date of publishe.

These holidays are visited in a multitude of places. We enjoyed seeing the touristic sights and seeing how the locals lived and got to know them. Myanmar is a beautiful place because there is so much to see and the locals were very kind.

We' ve organized a personal Burma trip that follows the same route as for groups that cannot go to any of the group appointments. In comparison to other business trips through Burma, we have had the chance to hike in the countryside and interacted with the people. We' re pleased to be able to provide an expansion in Burma to see Hpa-An, the Karen state capitol southeast of Yangon.

Hpa An is a delightful city on the shores of the powerful Salween River, one of the great Southeast Asian streams that originates in Tibet and ends in the Andaman Sea. While in Hpa-An you will take a cruise on the calm water of the Salween River, stop in a small hamlet to see craftsmen in action and even see the lavishly adorned Kawhnat Pagoda.

There are two different types of this expansion, one with a tour of the Golden Rock in Kin Pun. Prolong your time in Burma by visiting the Golden Rock of Kyaikhtiyo, one of the most venerated places of Buddhist worship. You will also be visiting cougars during your three-day extra time, stopping at the Allied War Gravesite in Htauk Kyan, seeing the lying Buddhas and visiting the nearby towns before heading back to Rangoon for your last evening, which will have been an unforgettable one.

Bagan now offers its guests the possibility to experience the old kingdom of Bagan in a warm aeroplane. Bagan's world-famous archeological site is known for its wonderful dusk and dawn, which are usually watched from the top of one of the memorials, but a ballooning gives you the possibility to see Bagan from a birdwatch.

Explore Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Angkor Thom, the Bayon and more. Flight to Siem Reap from Burma or Bangkok. Its name means "The Tempel, which is a city" and after visiting this astonishing place you will see why. These four days extensions can be credited to all our travel in Burma and all our Bangkok public holiday endings.

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