Burma Holidays 2017

Myanmar Holidays 2017

Prize-winning holidays in Burma from Kuoni. Talk to one of our Burma vacation experts today to arrange your tailor-made trip. Survey of the holidays and many observations in Myanmar in 2017. Burma is a fascinating and inviting country. Holidays for small groups in Myanmar (Burma).


Burma's culture is full of beauty in all directions, from the picturesque communities encircled by nature's surprises to the busy communities and communities that, despite their enormous sizes and large populations, still have a certain charme that can only be found on this side of the globe. Travelbag traveling to Burma will ensure you have all the miracles the country has to offer, whether you want a culture visit to the most religiously important hot spots or just want to unwind in a classic vacation adventure with fine sand and shady palm trees, no matter what you select, this unique adventure will last you a life time.

Towns are vast, vibrant centres full of tradition and tradition, full of their own charms despite the turbulence, not to speak of the sometimes ecclesiastical monuments, whose majesty is often at the heart of each area. To learn more about Travelbag's great Burma tour offer, call us to talk to one of our experienced tourism professionals about making the best Burma vacation for you.

Shining Holy Splendour - Shwedagon Pagoda is Burma's most important and holy symbol. Situated in the Yangon town, the shining towers can be seen from all over the town. Easy to Read - At the bottom of Mandalay Hill are 730 Kuthodaw Pagodaupas, in each one there is a page inscribed with a rock, making it the greatest novel in the whole inscription.

Wonderland - The old Bagan Empire is truly a vision. Ngwesaung is what Utopia's paradise is all about, with kilometres of unspoilt pristine beaches of unspoilt sand concealed under a tropical awning.

Stilted homes and swimming market are among the marvels of Inlet lake, and from September to October an 18-day parade of pagodas shows a parade of ships and bargees along the lake's top. Ngapali is the place to relax under the bright and bright rays of the sea with the sound of the blue water that washes around the sandy beaches.

It is a delightful town, which is mainly a busy trade center between India and Burma, among them the near Thanboddhay Pagoda, a building of spiritual importance that contains about 500,000 small Buddha statues, while in the near neighbouring Khatakan Taung there is a high Buddha-stata.

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