Burma Holidays 2016

Myanmar Holidays 2016

" We had a wonderful holiday in Myanmar and Thailand. Despair and hope in a divided Burma. October 01, 2015 to March 31, 2016. Myanmar - Beyond the Tourist Trail by SaraD, November 17, 2016. Both leaders were excellent and went from there to make the whole holiday smooth.


This is Burma, it is very different from any other place you know. As real as when she was written by Kipling in 1898, Myanmar's one-of-a-kind civilization, surrounded by a lush and unspoiled countryside, is nothing less than a fascinating and captivating journey. As a matter of fact, you are much more likely to see traditional clad friars and Chin ladies with their unmistakable face tats, elaborately decorated to mirror the nature's surround.

Drive the Irrawaddy and Inle Lake and enjoy Myanmar's unparalleled charms. Horseback through the vast plain of Bagan in the heart of Myanmar, dotted with over 2,000 antique stupa and shrines dating from the 11th to 13thcentury. It' difficult to tell why Myanmar is so particular.

I would like to trace it back to its varied scenery, from the Temple of Bagan to the foggy banks of Inlay Sea, but there is something indefinable about Myanmar's undeniable attraction.

Myanmar (Burma) High Points | Exodus

For a relaxing end to your vacation, you can spend the following three days on the sea at the end of the program. It is also possible to book as many additional night on the shore as you like (your free stay here).

You will be picked up between the airports and the hotel, but not accompanied or lead. It is not open during the rainy period from May to September. Extra workday 1 - Flight to Ngapali Strand. After arriving at the shore you can spend the remainder of the night exploring the colorful coastline or just relaxing and enjoying the sundown!

Extra days 2 - Free days. Extra 3 days - Take a flight to Yangon. We' ll be leaving the shore today and flying back to Yangon, where the rest of the morning is free for one last visit. Prolongation 4th Dag - End of Yangon. The end of Yangon. The application for an extra stay will be submitted no later than 6 week before your arrival to the point where Exodus confirms that your journey is ready for use.

After confirmation, full settlement is requested for the prolongation of the beaches. Ensuring shelter in Myanmar can be a real challange, and this extra renewal fee is non-refundable.

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