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Myanmar Holidays

Myanmar Luxury Holidays & Honeymoon. Accompany our expertly guided, relaxed holidays in Burma for an unforgettable visit. Images & all details of the Myanmar Holidays program from the independent tour operator Experience Travel Group. The most tourists on holiday never see southern Burma (Myanmar) uncovered. Within Burma Tours you can leave the tourist trail and get breathtaking rewards.

Holiday in Myanmar (Burma)

Burma is a beautiful place for a vacation. Ranging from the Shan Hills to the west, the Yangon and Mandalay culture centers, the innumerable stupa of the Bagan temple to the state of Rakhine's pristine sandy shores, the land has earned its name.

In addition, the Burmese are a joy, known for their kindness and hospitableness. Vacations in Myanmar are a vacation of life. Burma is a beautiful ancient and sacred nation with a breathtaking crucible of human beings (over 100 ethnical groups). It is a great vacation destination in Myanmar to explore this intriguing state.

Our aim is to offer individual, unmistakable and experience-oriented holidays. While the tourism facilities here are more restricted than anywhere else in Asia, you can unwind and unwind in Myanmar with our experienced travel guide, 24-hour local assistance and up-to-date resort information. What our characteristic stories mean is that you will see a side of Myanmar that few visitors will ever have.

It is our pleasure to use our specialist skills and our unrivalled regional know-how to provide you with a truly tailor-made and memorable vacation in Myanmar. Browse our suggestions for a Myanmar vacation below to get an impression of the available experience or call us to discuss the possibilities on 020 7924 7133.

Group Holidays & Irrawaddy Cruise in Burma

The best way to discover some of the best places to live is to sail the spectacular Irawaddy and Chindwin River to gain entry to towns that are otherwise out of reach. They have travelled through paddy fields, crossed Halong Bay and mixed with panda to make sure they know the place inside out, and they'd like to put together a itinerary for you.

Located in the arid middle plain of Burma on the shore of Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy)..... Burma's former capitol and its largest town, Rangoon (Yangon), is a relatively young town.....

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