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Deluxe holiday in Burma (Myanmar). Explore a variety of luxury travel from an award-winning British luxury tour operator. The Inle Princess Resort, Lake Inle, Lake Inle. Elegant and quiet place on the shore of Lake Inle. The Mandalay Hill Resort, Mandalay.

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Which inspires your vacation? Caroline Beckett, Senior Sales & Product Manager for our luxurious cruises fleet, goes to the historical Seine to take a completely different trip on an exclusive luxurious riverside trip in this area. Minicruise aboard Belmond Road to Mandalay.....

We want our guides to make it as simple as possible for you to choose a luxurious vacation; here you will find in-depth, objective information about the travel destinations you have chosen. Madagascar's committed Asia, Australasia and Africa professionals are here to help you make your luxurious vacation in Burma (Myanmar) a success.

2017 holiday on the beach: Myanmar is a quiet paradise you have to see to believe | Beaches | Travelling

Creme white sands, unaffected by traces of man, washed by dreamlike blue waters and supported by luxuriant vegetation that unites with the bird life. However, the global situation is approaching as Myanmar is moving ever faster after centuries of international economic independence. I' m starting my journey of the island on the Sea Gipsy - a Burmesian dinghy - in the rowdy harbour city Kawthaung, which lies at the very bottom of Myanmar on the Thai frontier.

It was about an hours fishing and a short excursion to the shore, then it was again getting back on the ship to get hot and humid before the night. The next attraction is the view of "outstanding" snorkeling on Shark Island, which luckily is not mentioned for its sharp-toothed sea creatures, but for its looks.

I was breathless by the only shore on the whole isle. Its appearance was good, it was covered with creme-colored waters supported by a deep emerald rain forest ceiling. This is the first time we drop anchor in a protected cove on Pilar Iceland or Great Swinton, as it was called by the British.

The next day I woke up sooner than everyone else and decided to go exploring the isle. When Sea Eagles hover above my skull, I am paddling over the cove to a broad and shallow mangrove -covered sands. From here we fish a tender to another remote shore with traces of the only turtle that has been here for some time.

Then we walk deeply through a warm source behind the sandy beach before we are surrounded by the thick, dropping snow. Vacation inspiration: Myanmar's first and only maritime reserve, Lampi Island, as large as Phuket, is a "lost world" of thick woods, the best mangroves in the area and a wealth of game such as hornbills, pyrthons and fruit bats.

Our last full moon we set off southwards, where we stop at the breathtaking Pho Ni Island for the best snorkeling and Red Monkey Island for a soak.

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