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Myanmar is not the best place for a beach holiday in Southeast Asia: The infrastructure is not as good as in Thailand or Malaysia and there are only a few resorts. Luxurious eco-resorts, boutique hotels and traditional holiday accommodations. Explore our holiday proposals in Myanmar and get inspired.

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Tailoring your holiday to your needs. The Mrauk U Princess Estate, a subsidiary of Inle Princess, is the "luxury" choice for your Mrauk U & Sittwe tour. Situated in the heart of the Mrauk U River and the paddy fields, the beautiful view of the mountains is a great starting point.

The 21 rooms, based on the Rakhine tradition and civilization, offer large (slightly empty) rooms with a lounge, bedrooms and balconies. There is also a restuary, lounge, bar, libary and a proper spas.

While this is one of the more costly resorts, the situation is certainly unbeatable and with few possibilities this is definitely the best choice for your Rakhine-adventures. From July to August the residence is shut down. Tailored vacations for every taste.

Sophie and Vicky, our specialists, are committed to everything Burma has to offer.

Razi Hkakabo Razi resort guide, map & Hkakabo Razi accomodation Skiurlaub

Hakabo Razi is the highest peak in Myanmar at 5,881 meters and was known as Burma until 1987. It is an expansion of the eastern Himalaya. Though low compared to the Himalaya giant, Hkakabo Razi is snow-covered for several years.

The Hkakabo Razi is located in the Hkakabo Razi reserve, which was founded in 1996 and stretches over 3812 sqkm. Myanmar's Nyama Gyaltsen also made it. I' m sure Hkakabo Razi isn't a foray. Giant rocks with D+ rock climb, suspended icebergs with large crevices and ledges make it a hill you can't play with.

Access to the hill is a big obstacle: there are instable footbridges over canyons. It takes Ozaki four-week walk to get to 3000m near the basecamp.

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