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Myanmar Resorts

These beautiful West Coast resorts are peaceful and ideal for younger children. The Mrauk U Princess Resort, a sister property of Inle Princess, is the "luxury" option for your Mrauk U & Sittwe tour. The combination of space, functionality and aesthetics of the resort is an unforgettable sight. The Mrauk U Princess Resort is a gateway to the ancient kingdom of Arakan in Myanmar. It has unspoilt white sandy beaches and is home to several beautiful resorts.

Myanmar Beaches

An unforgettable experience after a holiday in Burma or even as an independent holiday on the beaches of Ngapali. Expressions has been offering tailor-made luxurious trips to extraordinary locations around the world since 1989. Alternatively, take in the pleasures of the Amata or Bayview hotels on this breathtaking bay.

This is a nice and restful place for a few sunny and relaxed nights, with whitewashed sand and palms and the clear, verdant water of the Bay of Bengal. It is an untouched jewel that still retains its origins in the fishermen's town. Oxcarts can still be seen on the shore, and the local people continue their life as if times had stopped for years.

It is a peaceful haven with the town of Ngapali about two kilometres upstate. The Amata Resort & Spa, a four-star luxurious beachfront resort in Ngapali, is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the clear, verdant seas. Bayview is a luxurious resort on the northern end of Ngapali Bayview Strand with large and beautiful bungalows, own small sailing boats, a spa, a swimming Pool and a beautiful seaside view area.

Familycontinue in Burma (Myanmar)

Tailor-made Burma (Myanmar) holidays should take all the work out of your scheduling for a holiday with your hosts. You will be looked after from beginning to end during the design phase by one of our specialists - someone who understands the different needs of a three-year-old and a twelve-year-old and can advise you on the right travel destination, accommodations and activity for your hosts.

Upon arrival, you will have your own personal guide and vehicle at your disposal to make your holiday as relaxed as possible, so you can relax and unwind without having to take care of your logistic needs. Secure and dependable internal air services will quickly and effectively move you between locations to minimize stresses and maximize your Burma home stay.

On the unspoilt Ngapali coast, surrounded by the clear, unspoilt Gulf of Bengal, lies the enchanting Sandoway Hotel. Butique plot features a series of unique two-story mansions and cabins amid luxuriant landscaped tropic garden, some overlooking the sea. It is a great opportunity for a few relaxing getaways after a trip through Burma's beautiful scenery.

Situated at the north end of Ngapali beaches, this delightful estate is a quiet and popular seaside resort, ideal for couple, family and individualists. Amazing Ngapali Resort is one of the best estates in the area and has a spas, a large outdoor and indoor pools, a course of gold and several great dining areas with a variety of regional and foreign cuisine.

Situated in a chilly yet classy harbour, this easy yet classy place provides its visitors with a chilly and challenging harbour here in Ngapali. Here are only 36 mansions, each with its own shiny floor, high ceiling and beautiful centralbed. Use of green, young fruit and lotuses on the site blends harmoniously with the bright green and whiteness of this shop-guesthouse.

For our clients there is also a large indoor swimminpool. Situated in the large Ananda sanctuary on the outskirts of old Bagan, the Tharabar Gate provides a series of comfortable mansions scattered over shaded and well-kept plots. There is a large and unassuming villa, and the resort has a nice private poolside lounge and dining area.

There are a number of small caf├ęs and bars near the city.

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