Burma Holiday Packages

Myanmar Holiday Packages

If you book a package tour with us, your money is absolutely safe. Heritage Holidays in Myanmar (Burma). Wayfairer's tailor-made tours are designed by our specialists with first-hand knowledge of luxury travel to Myanmar and tailored to your needs. Tenacious mules are tailor-made family holiday experts.

South-east Asia & Far East Holidays 2018/2019

The Far East from India and Thailand to Japan and Bali provides a varied and thrilling vacation. View the other side of Angor Wat and antique Cambodian churches. Explore the old city of Bagan and the huge gold stupa of Myanmar. Take pictures of the Fushimi Inari Sanctuary or the famed Fushimi Shinto Sanctuary in Japan.

Visit the sumptuous Royal Palace and the lying Buddha in Thailand. Hop on islands between paradisiacal Gulf of Thailand sands. Situated in Goa, India, you will find high class hotel and beautiful tropicbeach. Embark on a luxury yacht charter trip along the Chinese Yangtze, the Chao Phraya River in Thailand and the Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam.

View the elephant of southern Thailand and the orang-utans of Borneo. Drink a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Explore lively Japanese seafood stores and enjoy the best fresh seafood in the game.

Burma travel guide & places of interest

Visiting the land once known as Burma, you will find that the land outside the main tourist attraction is very far off the well-trodden paths. It is a relatively large borderland with India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos and China, a touristic guidebook for Myanmar is great, but even more important is the adventurous spirit.

With more than five million inhabitants, Yangon was also the former capitol of the land until Naypyidaw took its place in 2005. Today, Yangon is a mixture of culture and ethnicity; a place where you will see suitable business men next to dressed friars. Myanmar's main town and business centre is Yangon, home to many of the country's best properties, among them colonial-style attractions such as The Strand and Belmond Governor's Residence.

When you only have a moment to see an excitement in Yangon, it must be the unbelievable Shwedagon Pagoda - a gleaming gold sanctuary and the country's major religion-favorite. Yangon's second most beloved travel stop is Bagan, the capitol of the first Myanmarmpire. The other enticing places in Myanmar are Inle Lake, a huge pond almost one kilometer above sealevel, set in breathtaking mountain scenery and Ngapali Beach - a wonderful section of whitish sandy and palm trees.

It goes on, with the old Mrauk U Coastal Kingdoms taking a look at Myanmar from the fifteenth century. Also save some of your precious spare to visit the Shittaung Pagoda, an unbelievable northern pagoda containing about 80,000 images of Buddha. Gourmets will love Myanmar's journeys as much as its attractions.

You' ll have no problem in Myanmar to find something to dine and have drinks, but when you're in Yangon, you' ll go to 19 St. to enjoy Dagon Beer and enjoy sea food with the people.

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