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Myanmar Holiday Packages

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Myanmar - The Forgotten War Journey

Don't just take our word for it, our current travelers will evaluate this trip. We will travel to the southernmost of the three Burmese military graveyards and the one connected to the notorious Burmese Siam Railway. As soon as you have made your booking on-line or by phone ( 01709 787 463 ), you have the necessary amount of money at your disposal.

Sorry, this trip is currently not available. Some trips are inclusive in the prices. Yes, you will get one with your trip papers, which will be sent 7-10 working nights before depart. We' re going to Yangon (Rangoon) via Kuala Lumpur. You will be picked up and taken to your accommodation for a three nights stop in Yangon.

On the Taukkyan War Cemetery we will also see the tombs of six Victoria Cross champions, among them Lieutenant George Albert Cairns V.C. The afternoons are at your indi-cation. One of Rangoon's most popular attractions, the pit stop is a spectacular sight at nightfall.

We will take a tour through old Rangoon and the Godowns along the promenade. Among other things, we will see the old postal service and other structures destroyed in the December 1941 Yangon bombings. We' ll also be visiting the Sule Pagoda and have the chance to see'the Woman's House', where Aung San Suu Kyi was under many years of detention.

In the mornings we take the coach to Moulmein over the Sittang Bridge for a picknick. We' ll be arriving at the Attran Hotel Moulmein and checking in for three nights. Tonight we will be visiting the monuments of Moulmein, among them the Kyaikthanlan Paya Pagoda, where Kyaikthanlan Paya composed his famed poem'Mandalay'.

We have a full-length visit to the Thanbyuzayat war cemetery and other sights, which includes a caoutchouc-plantage. Our last forenoon is free before we drive via Kuala Lumpur to Yangon Airport for our plane back to Weathrow. Options: Trips as an option; museum and sightseeing admission fee; 649 pounds per person surcharge; £70 cruise cover; heavrow air surcharges may be applicable subject to availabilty.

Security payment - The security payment for this holiday is 500 pounds. Booking on-line OR call our kind advisors: You can take the trip at the guesthouse if you like. There are en-suite bathrooms in all rooms. For more information, please visit the tours pages or call our Customer Service on 01709 830333.

For more information, please call our Customer Service on 01709 830333. For information on specific properties, please contact our Customer Service on 01709 830333. There is no guaranty that the accommodation will satisfy your nutritional needs. You will receive your precise dates with your trip documentation.

You' ll be staying three at the Inya Lake Hotel in Yangon, followed by three at Attran Hotel Moulmein. Afterwards you will be back in Yangon for three overnights at the Inya Lake Hotel. For a restful departure, why not the evening before the trip? Up to seven free parking at Holiday Inn Ashford North and one night's accommodation with British breakfasts from just 39.50 per head (based on 2 B&B doubles, depending on availability).

Exceptions are trips to Ireland and Great Britain and trips with Brittany Ferries. At the moment there are no ratings for this trip.

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