Burma Holiday Ideas

Myanmar Holiday Ideas

Big tour through Burma (Myanmar) Enjoy a relaxing meandering along the famous Ayeyarwady River. There doesn't have to be anything, just a few ideas what to see and do. Specialized in providing only the best for a unique, tailor-made holiday in Burma (also known as Myanmar). For an unforgettable holiday, visit our website. The team of tailor-made holiday designers are passionate veterans of travel and passionate about their chosen destination.

Tailor made holidays in Burma | Imagine Asia

The 15-nights route provides a good introductory tour to one of South East Asia's most fascinating travel destination, uniting culturally diverse places, scenic places, a Irrawaddy River tour and a relaxed seaside holiday on Burma's scenic western seaboard. This scenic and inexpensive route leads to some of Burma's most famous attractions, from the impressive Bagan sanctuaries to the Inle Lake swimming garden, perfect for those who want to discover this beautiful land but have little to do.

Cycling in Bagan, canoeing in Inle Lake and elephant in Kalaw, this two weeks adventure tour is a great choice for the family who wants to discover some of Burma's most famous places with teenagers. At Imagine Asia we are so optimistic that we have the best value in the industry that we have a value proposition.

When you find the same vacation at another British travel company for less, we pledge to exceed the cost by £50. You can be sure that all our vacations are 100% well-funded. The ATOL loan secures the UK booking of a flight. The ABTOT loan provides protection for travel with or without air travel outside the UK.

In the unlikely case that we become bankrupt, your vacation will be reimbursed or you will be expatriated if you already travel or have a flight with us.

Myanmar's classic waterways on the sanctuary

Explore Myanmar's pulsating cultural and imperial legacy in limitless ways, and its breathtaking navigable waters provide breathtaking waterways, where you can explore swimming towns, the Bagan temple, busy market towns and dilapidated old capital cities. Following personal trips and luxurious stops in Yangon's colorful charms, Inle Lake's swimming village and Mandalay's regal palace, a luxurious waterbus ride shows the charms of the Irrawaddy, from the marvels of Bagan to the countryside towns.

Present Myanmar's wealth of legacy, wonders of the worid and intriguing cultural treasures on this two-week journey, which includes a handpicked selection of one-of-a-kind adventures. The Irrawaddy cruises this luxurious waterway to present both Myanmar's famous attractions and unexplored gems with a complete set of tours. It is a great opportunity to travel along the Chindwin while visiting unspoilt cultural and natural scenery on a luxurious Chindwin river tour.

Meanwhile, trips through Inle, Yangon and Bagan show the gold highlight of Myanmar. In between the guided visits of the Imperial City and the metallurgical factories you can discover the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar. There are also Yangon and Inle Lake hotels that will bring you closer to the gold-plated news of this mysterious destination.

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