Burma Holiday Destination

Myanmar Holiday Destination

Glad you enjoyed Burma so much, it is certainly a fascinating destination. It is a truly fascinating destination and a favourite of many travellers. Opportunities, optimism and hope hang heavily in Burma's sparkling air. Talk to our holiday experts. Click below to see our recommended family holidays in Burma.

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Myanmar is quickly opening up to the tourist industry, so now is the moment to explore the untouched and unspoiled beauties of this South East Asia state. Vacationing in Burma will be like a journey back in history, as the cumbersome impact of the Western world has not yet been completely overcome.

Burma is affectionately called "the Gold Land" by travelers because of its thousand of gold coupons covering the skyline and cultivates a humble buddhistic civilization that indicates what the rest of the area may have been like before the advent of massive tourist activity. A vacation in Burma will almost certainly make you long for a similarly easy way of living, happy to be concealed from the diversions of contemporary living.

Vacationing in Burma could be discouraging for travelers who have never been there before or are not familiar with its people. However, our travelers have provided us with information about their Intrepid travels in Burma so that you can learn more about what it is like to be there. So, take a look at our top Burma vacation review to learn more, we've done and seen things we couldn't have done on our own.

Intrepid's Myanmar Comfort Tours have exceeded all expects. The excitement and dedication of our travel leaders have contributed to making the journey as marvellous as it was. Astonishing journey, great accomodation and diversity of adventures and more. I' d suggest you visit the astonishing Myanmar and its beauty! We' had a marvelous but much too brief stay in Myanmar and would like to return.

Myanmar's inhabitants have conquered our heart with their hospitality and generousness. At the moment they are afflicted by the impact of domestic and foreign policies and they urgently need us to go to their lovely countries and act responsibly by treat them with due regard and contribute to the regional population.

Myanmar is a beautiful place and I would highly advise any traveller who opens his mind to this beautiful state. Myanmar now, while it's still untouched! Visit us and see for yourself what makes this beautiful land so special!

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