Burma Holiday Destination

Myanmar Holiday Destination

Glad you enjoyed Burma so much, it is certainly a fascinating destination. It is a truly fascinating destination and a favourite of many travellers. Opportunities, optimism and hope hang heavily in Burma's sparkling air. Talk to our holiday experts. Click below to see our recommended family holidays in Burma.

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Why is Burma (Myanmar) so unique? A holiday in Burma (Myanmar) gives the tourist the opportunity to enjoy a captivating ethnical variety, a scenery from the Indian Ocean to the high Himalayas and a breathtaking wealth of golden plated churches and monument. Burma has perhaps some of the greatest attractions of all destinations, from the main attractions of the pulsating Yangon (Rangoon) and the inspiring Mandalay to the tranquil Inle Lake, where fishers live a traditionally life in the water.

Myanmar has a vast number of tourists who want to help the population. Burma has some of the greatest attractions of all destinations with its intriguing ethnical variety, a scenery that stretches from the Indian Ocean to the high Himalayas and a breathtaking wealth of gold-plated churches and memorials.

Performed in the Sunday Times '100 Best Holidays in the World' Downhill: An extensive Burmese culture trip that visits places on and off the well-trodden paths. Discover the beautiful Kayin State with its countless, little frequented caverns and wards. Discover tranquil Inle Lake and the evocative Bagan Plains temple.

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Burma (also known as Myanmar) has long been excluded from the outside worlds and in recent years has become a sought-after tourist resort among Ireland's tourists..... one of our adventurer Monica identifies Burma as a very favorite travel spot for 2018. Visiting Mandalay is a must when it comes to Burma.

Mandalay, one of Burma's newest towns, is littered with colorful architectural and architectural design. Situated at 900m above sealevel, you will find Lac Inle in the centre of the Shan Plateau. Here the'one-legged rowers' are a major feature on the lakes. Just a few steps from the Inle Lakesort, whole towns lie on stilt walkways over the lakes.

The inhabitants go to the waterside to buy at the souvenir shops of the area. You will surely find a good deal there. Yangon'Yangon' It is said that Yangon's days have stopped since the end of World War II, when the British ended their occupation of Burma. Saying that Yangon has personality is a great exaggeration.

The traditional way was to honor the Ancients with a purification rite in which they were given irrigation. But during this event you go through the street at your own peril, as you will probably be soaked with a pail of mud or blown up with a pistol.... all in the name of having a good time!

Vacation in Burma: Myanmar is a place full of personality, filled with secret jewels that will make your adventures in the East memorable. To book a vacation in Burma, contact our adventurous professionals on 01 8047188.

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