Burma Holiday Destination

Myanmar Holiday Destination

Myanmar is a beautiful and largely untouched country that will surprise and delight travelers. Myanmar is a very good resort. The hottest vacation spot 2011 "Be cautious when visiting Burma. However, those who are careful..

... come back with extraordinary memories," said Wanderlust in his quote. However, the freeing of Ms Suu Kyi from detention last year after a non-violent, albeit deceptive, vote has already enhanced Burma's reputation in the tourist eye, those in the industrial sector say.

Burma's relatively underdeveloped and lack of truly international branded products, ATMs and high-speed web is sold as "a look back in time" or "a look at genuine Asia". The majority of foreigners in the West try to shun state run hotel accommodation for the benefit of families by following the recommendations in travel guides such as Lonely Planet to give as much of their tourism funds as possible to normal Burmese who are not affiliated with the state.

However, with hotels tax, entrance fees and fees, it is not possible to go to Burma without payment to one of the most violentimes of all. Burma Campaign UK Burma Campaign UK executive Mark Farmaner, who points out abuse by the government, said: "Nobody should delude themselves that the freeing of Aung San Suu Kyi means that there is a good thing happening in Burma.

"Htay Oo, an informal Rangoon travel agent and cabby. "The Rough Guides group, which unlike Lonely Planet is refusing to release a leader on Burma for ethnic reasons, says it has no intention of reversing its position yet.

"We are very encouraged by the liberation of Aung San Suu Kyi and sincerely wish that this will eventually help open Burma to the world. "It is not our current plan to issue a Burma tourist book - such a book would really require a lasting improvement in the policy environment and a tried-and-tested and resilient tourism structure.

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