Burma History in Hindi

Myanmar History in Hindi

A short video about Myanmar/Burma in Urdu/Hindi Rohingya Muslim situation. And the history of the royal family in their sad Indian exile. Muslim history in Urdu/Hindi language in the Arakan state Myanmar (Burma). This very impressive pagoda, also known as the Golden Pagoda, is Burma's most important Buddhist pilgrimage site.

Which of you has stolen Burma's King Ruby?

The most valuable, a huge jewels, vanished. The only thing about U Soe Win that could indicate a king lyre is a decent beard. "He says I understand why you British came to Burma. Over 130 years later, it is difficult to know exactly what was happening in Mandalay on November 29, 1885, the date on which Thibaw was banned.

"I' ve given up all the crown jewels, and I'm sure that the English, who are a great nation, will have nothing against me retaining my ring as king," Thibaw is cited. Thibaw showed him "a splendid ruby ring" at this point, the journalist says. It must be the ring Thibaw sent to the Viceroy of India in June of the following year - the one known as the'1 Ruby Ring, known as'Nagamauk''.

The viceroy asked his officials to examine the ruby's extinction in December 1886. One of his own documents, also kept at the British Library, is three sketches of a note he drew up in response to the viceroy's requests lasting several working nights. Because of the mess of the moment, Sladen notes, the king "made no effort to hand over certain objects or a certain amount of anything.

It is a work that, as its writer, has seen places and things. Leafing through the pages with care, I have the feeling that I am intruding into the private sphere of this confused Victorian official who has been the mime rogue of Burma recounting the Nga Mauk history for so long. Eventually I arrive on Sunday, November 29th, the date after Sladen accepts Thibaw's capitulation, and the King's last days in his realm.

Sudha Shah, my girlfriend, who researched Thibaw's history for seven years for her exiled king, told me what to look for. British Library registrar John O'Brien is offering to look at the scribble using a technology named multispectral imagery - to examine the text under the lights of different wave lengths in the hopes of unveiling the words.

"If that proves enough to you that Sladen took the Nga Mauk?" I'll ask Soe Win. Suppose Sladen took the Rubin? In the V&A, John Clarke still nagged us about a large Rubin that Queen Victoria was given. When I find out that Nash is now a teacher at the University of East Anglia, I immediately call him to learn more about his quest and his theories about the destiny of the Rubin.

"According to the inventories, the rock came from the King of Burma (sic) and was given to the Queen'by the Myanmar ambassadors' and was restored in its pristine style," de Guitaut continues. It was Nash who sent a letter to the present Duke of Argyll telling him that no such gem had stayed in the family's property.

Prince Louise, Queen Victoria's artist forth girl, seems to have given or left the Rubin to someone, but to whom? "Princess Louise's will as a member of the immediate Queen's household will remain sealed," says Nash, the writer of a volume on King's Testaments, released early this year. When it took place in 1872, when Thibaw's dad, King Mindon, sent a message to London, the Rubin cannot be the Nga Mauk.

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