Burma Highlights

Myanmar Highlights

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon visited Burma and met with Aung San Suu Kyi, the nation's de facto civilian leader. The best highlights of the tour. US aid highlights for Burma. To support the partnership for democracy, peace and prosperity between the United States and Burma, the. Myanmar Highlights (Burma).


Burma Highlights, Myanmar

Welcome to Myanmar, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and formerly and perhaps better known in many lands as Burma. Mandalay, a name reminiscent of the splendour of ancient Burma and recorded by Rudyard Ki-pling in the poetry Mandalay. "That', he said, "is Burma and it is very different from any other place you know!

" Devastated by a fire and severely bombarded during World War II, old Burma is harder to find, but when you do it, it amazes you. Burma was called Myanmar after a tumultuous story in 1989 after killing tens of millions in a recent war. The Mahamuni Pagoda with its old Buddha-stata.

This evening you can go to the Yadanar Nightspot to get a feeling for the Mandalay. Catch a few local delicacies before drinking a glass of a glass of beer at one of Mandalay's renowned breweries and eating a tasty dinner at one of Mandalay's local barbecue eateries. There are more buddhistic churches in Bagan than anywhere else in the whole wide globe.

Upon your arrivals we will take you on a half-day sightseeing trip through the area, where you will see some of the best monasteries in the area. Explore Ananda, Sulamani and Thatbyinnyu, one of the highest buildings in Bagan. You can visit the many hundred temple in the Bagan area by cycle and the next morning after your arrive in Bagan, we will take a scenic walk around the village by cycle. The shallow countryside makes a cycle ride an enjoyable experience and your local guides will show you some of the most impressive old temple sites away from the city.

Bicycle through the palms and tree-lined cabins and find temple on the way. It is also possible to ascend some of the peaks to enjoy an amazing view over the temple. For two full day in Bagan, if you want to explore the area, you can optionally take trips to see what else the area has to boast.

Then you can go to Mount Popa, the birth place of the 37'nats' of Myanmar, who are the guardian ghosts. It is possible to leave the well-trodden paths by going to country towns and orchards and flower market. A highlight of Bagan, which many enjoy, is a dawn flight with a breathtaking view over the area.

From Bagan we stop at the elephant sanctuary on the way to Kalaw. Recently, a joint venture was set up to protect the jungles, the animals that live there and the indigenous peoples' lives. Back at our campsite we will eat our lunches before we continue our trip to Kalaw.

On the way to Kalaw we can make several bus and tram stop in the surrounding area. We leave Kalaw after breakfasts and take another bus to Inle Lake. A picturesque trip through the Shan Mountain and you can see the indigenous way of being.

If you arrive at the early afternoons at Inle Lakes, you have free to go on an afternoons trip on the lakes or in the area. On the next morning we spent a whole full days on the pond and went by ferry between old tradition settlements of Intha.

We' ll go to swimming pools, go through some of the fisherman who are rowing their boat with their feet, and balance on the other side in a precarious way. A highlight of the trip is the luncheon of a native hostess. According to the date of your trip you will also be able to attend various village fairs.

We will also stop at a Burma cigar production plant where Burma is made, swimming orchards, Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and Intha Heritage House, where Burma kittens are born. At Lake Inle we have the opportunity to buy memorabilia such as Burma carrier bag and high grade satin.

Alternatively, you can try the Shan cooking, like Htamin Jin, a tasty dish of round -ball risotto, tomatoes, potatoes or seafood, covered in crispy roasted onions and cooked in marinade onions. There' s a lot to do in this busy town of eating trips, souvenir fairs, lagoons and docks. Constructed in the sixth A. D., it was transformed and evolved over the years into the vast, gold site of today.

When you have a delayed plane ride or have extended your trip with your accomodation after the trip, you will have more free to discover the area.

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