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The HDI is an English-language forkortelse for for Human Development Index (norsk: Human Development Index (HDI) is published annually by the UN. HDI provides a snapshot of the socio-economic situation in Myanmar/Burma. The data label is a global HDI ranking. Thousands of vulnerable adults and children in Burma die unnecessarily of HIV/AIDS every year.

Reports on human development

n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. Life Expected at Natalities ( (years)n.a. n. x1, 1000 persons)n.a. x1, 1000 persons)n.a. x1, 1000 persons per 100,000 persons)n.a. x1, 1000 persons per 100,000 persons)n.a. x1, 100,000 persons per 100,000 persons)n.a. HIV incidence, adults aged 15-49 years, in all. Baby death rates (per 1,000 living births)n.a. Infants without vaccination, DTP (% of year-olds)n.a. Infants without vaccination, Measles (% of year-olds)n.a. Spending on healthcare (% of GDP)n.a. Stunting (moderate or severe) (% under 5 years)n.a. Spending rates under 5 years (per 1,000 living births)n.a. Childrens without vaccinations.

a. Anticipated number of years of compulsory enrollment n.a. n.a. Literacy rates for adults (% of GDP)n.a. Government spending on learning (% of GDP)n.a. n.a. nes. n.a. nares. nes. nares. Gross enrollment rates for pre-schoolers ('% of early preschoolers') and primaries (% of primary-schoolers) n.a. n.a. n.a. Gross enrollment rates, third level (% of total populations at third level)n.a. Middle years ( )n.a. n.a. Citizens with at least one upper-secondary school certificate (% at 25 years of old and older)n.a. Abandonment rates (% of cohorts in elementary schools)n.n.

a. Elementary educators educated for education (%)n.a. Pupil to Pupil ratios, elementary schools (number of students per teacher)n.a. Gross National Income (GNI) per head (2011 PPP$)n.a. Adjust net saving (% of GNI)n.a. Household loans in the finance industry (% of GNI)n.a. Index of gross local supermarket prices.

a. Gross indices of gross indigenous products (GDP) per head (2011 KKP $)n.a. Gross indigenous products (GDP), overall (2011 KKP $ billion)n.a. Gross investment (% of GDP)n.a. Inequality-adjusted HDI (IHDI)n.a. Equal index of inequalities. Disparity of incomes, Gini coefficient.a. Equalisation of incomes, Palma ration.a. Equalisation of incomes, quartile ration.a. Disparities in educational systems (%)n.a. Disparities in incomes (%)n.a. Disparities in expectations of survival (%)n.a. Inequality-adjusted indices of education.a. Inequalityadjusted indices of incomes.a. Inequalityadjusted indices of incomes a.

Gender Development Index (GDI)n.a. Accumulated total HDI losses due to inequalities n.a. Gender Development Index (GDI)n.a. Fertility rates (births per 1,000 females aged 15-19)n.a. Accumulated per head GDP, females (2011 PPP$)n.a. Accumulated per head GDP, malales (2011 PPP$)n.a. Accumulated per head GDP n.a. Anticipated school years, females (years)n.a. Axpected school years, males (years)n.a. Gender Equality Index (GII)n.a. Human Development Index (HDI), femalen.a. Human Development Index (HDI), malen.a. Employment rates, females (% age 15 and older)n.a.

Activity rates, males ( (% from 15 years)n.a. Legislators, executives and executives, females (% of the overall number)n.a. Life Expected at childbirth, females (years)n.a. Life Expected at childbirth, males (years)n.a. Mothers' death rates (deaths per 100,000 living births)n.a. Middle school years, females (years)n.a. Middle school education.

a. Intermediate school years, males ( )n.a. Population with at least one upper-secondary school certificate, females (% age 25 and older)n.a. Population with at least one tertiary level, males (% age 25 and older)n.a. Temporary level of unemployed (total), females to males Ration.a. Youth employment level, females to males Ration. n.a. Population in multi-dimensional poverage, number of employees (%)n.a. Population in multi-dimensional poverage, number of employees (thousands)n.a. Population in multi-dimensional poverage, degree of dependence (%)n.a.

Inhabitants in serious multi-dimensional livelihoods ('%)n.a. Public below the minimum level of livelihoods, $1.90 per person (%)n.a. per diem Abroad PPPs ('%)n.a. Working Poor at PGP$3. 10 per car. per da. (% of overall employment)n.a. Attendance rates (% 15 years and older)n.a. Work with children (% aged 5-14 years)n.a. n Agricultural work (? of overall employment)n.a. n Service sector work (? of overall employment)n.a. n.a. Activity rates (% aged 15 years and older)n.a. Compulsory compensated motherhood holiday (days)n.a. Pensioners (% of the legally retired population)n.a.

Overall jobless rates (% of the active population)n.a. Endangered work (% of overall employment)n.a. Non-school leavers (% 15-24 years)n.a. Youth jobless rates (% 15-24 years)n.a. Murder rates (per 100,000 persons)n.a. Birth registrations (% under 5 years)n.a. Homelessness due to catastrophes (annual per million people)n.a. Prison populations (per 100,000 people)n.a. Refugees by countries of provenance (in thousands)n.a. Suicide rates, females (per 100,000 people)n.a. Suicide rates, males (per 100,000 people)n.a. Cruelty to females that has ever been experienc - Personal partners (%)n.a.

a. International students (% of the entire third population)n.a. Mobile telephone subscription (per 100 persons)n.a. Net immigration per 1,000 persons)n.a. Carbon dioxid emission per head (tonnes)n.a. Electrification ratio, countryside (% of the country's population)n.a.

a. Forested area ('% of overall area)n.a.- Forested area ('% of overall area) n.a.- Forested area ('% of overall change', 1990-2015)n.a.- Fresh drinking and drinking waters ('% of overall renewables owned hydropower resources)n.a.- Exhaustion of natu -ral ressources ('% of GNI)n.a. End-use of renewables (% of overall end-use use) n. n.a. Dependence rate, young aged (0-14) (per 100 persons aged 15-64)n.a. Average aged (years)n.a. Dependence rate, aged (65 and older) (per 100 persons aged 15-64)n.a.

Inhabitants, aged 15-64 (million)n.a. Inhabitants, aged 65 and over (million)n.a. Populations, under 5 (million)n.a. Populations, municipal (%)n.a. Gender balance at childbirth (male to female)n.a.

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