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Myanmar travel guide

This is an incredibly great book with perfect and clear reasons. It is a well illustrated guide for visitors to Burma today. It is not a conventional travel guide.

Myanmar travel guides publishing company firmly against boycotts | Travel

Despite the call to boyscott his title, Lonely Planet editor Tony Wheeler stayed until he retires a guidebook to Burma. The Tourism Concern, Morocco's ethic journey group and Burma Campaign UK started their boycotts by unloading "unwanted" Lonely Planet Guidelines at the company's London office.

From his Melbourne, Australia based, Wheeler said: "This is actually making me more resolute. Burma is described by Burma Tourist Concern as a "rare but clear example" of a land that should not be frequented by visitors. She points to there being a link between the evolution of the tourist industry and the proliferation of the use of hard labor for work.

Turism revenues are supporting a violent army regimen, it says, and the chosen leaders, amid housebreaking, have argued with tourists out. But a bipartite introductory question in the controversial guideline asks whether all members of the opposing party are against traveling, and proposes that it is possible to help non-governmental tourist by spending the night in private accommodation and using mass transit.

The Tourism Concern is quoting Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the government's January 1999 initiative, who said: "Guides should obey their conscience and be truthful about their motives. This is not an important work for us, it was eclipsed before we released it in January," said Wheeler. 2.

It has always been hard to deal with the discussion about the boycotts of repressive systems. There' s something worrying about a number of guidebooks boycoting, whatever a particular name is. It' not possible to make travel guides public without breaking the rules. He points to the difficulties of releasing Indian-Pakistani map of the Indian-Band and reminds of how the Lonely Planet Malawi leader would be confiscated at the borders by Hastings-Banda government officers.

On Escape we respectfully urge Aung San Suu Kyi not to go to her home and would not report about Burma as a traveler. We' re not going to burn a book either.

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