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Hello travelers, should I hide my LP guide when I come to Burma? WorldBiking' Amaya Williams has put together a wonderful little guide through the country that I had to share. The Select Books is an established bookstore, distributor and publisher. Burmese expert Johanna Kvist has written an important little book on Burma's history, politics and pro-democracy movement. Posted in Beyond the Guidebook.

The Pictorial Guide to Pagan (Bagan)

It is a guidebook to the Bagan Pagoda and Temple, edited in 1963 by the director of the archaeological survey, Burma, in the mid 1950s. In Rangoon, it was released by the Cultural Council of the Union, the Ministry of Culture of the Union and the Revolutionary Government of the Union of Burma. Newer, better instructions are now available (see below), but they don't always work.

Third, the photographs, many of which are intriguing historic notes of what the memorials were like more than half a hundred years ago, before the wave of renovation and upgrading and before the advent of contemporaryism. Here are the pages as JPGs: Here you will find the latest information and tips for Myanmar (Burma) (e.g. immigration visas and vaccinations).

Both the UK and Australia provide their own country-specific trip information. Find UK Government advisories for Myanmar (Burma) here and Australia's here. Up-to-date information on Myanmar (Burma) can be found here. Are you going to Bagan? Only very few of the monasteries, shrines or Stupa in the archaeological zone of Bagan have information about them locally.

As there are virtually a thousand websites to chose from, it's convenient to get information about what to see and where to begin - especially for unguided freelance people. When you are looking for something that goes beyond the incomplete information in the default guides, I have found it good:

It is a "travel guide for the curious" with charts, graphs and images. The website provides in-depth portraits of 21 of the most important locations. Posted by a former teacher of Fine Arts who has published many works on India and Burma, this volume provides relevant and in-depth information not only on the architectural and artistic heritage of the Bagan Temple, but also on the local area.

The Group concentrates on 33 of its most important locations. It does not provide the degree of detail of the other two and is more difficult to find in the West, but still provides useful abstracts of some of the most important pages. The guidebook was produced under the patronage of the Myanmar authorities in the mid-1950s and early 1960s.

Although quite out of date, it has its own value with backgrounds on a series of palagodas and shrines and fascinating historic photographs of what the memorials were like in the mid-20th cent. sometimes very different from today after they were restored. If you come to Bagan, there are good menus in the most important places of interest.

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