Burma Guide Book

Myanmar travel guide

This is an incredibly great book with perfect and clear reasons. It is a well illustrated guide for visitors to Burma today. It is not a conventional travel guide.

Briefing: Myanmar, Burma in style, by Caroline Courtauld

Burma is the kind of travel guide you should be reading before your journey, more than the kind you will be carrying as a real-time diction. It' hard for local histories and cultures, but easy for the particularities of the area. You will find useful information such as cards, recommended hotels and restaurants on the back of the album.

Particularly interesting are the dispersed "special topics" paragraphs, which investigate particular aspects of Myanmar civilization, often with the help of intriguing first-pillars. A well-informed leader, Caroline Courtauld is clearly in loving the land. And apart from some unpleasant turns ("The Palaung women are paradise fowls against the relaxing green of their hillocks" ) and an irritating trend to recur, their passions for the land and its peoples are infectious.

But there is no disguising the fact that Myanmar is embarking on a promising period in its story, and for the most part Courtauld's exuberance seems to be well placed. It is full of nice images, but the reader can long for more images to complete a verbose guide. Apart from any deficiencies, Myanmar will certainly put you on the road and won't let you down when you do.

Courtauld is obviously rapidly evolving and concentrating on the timelessness about the things that can go. In some places the results make the book appear somewhat thinner - good for lovers of pagodas, but not so good for gourmets, for example. It is also not clear whether the total absence of information about the night life is the blame of the writer or the land, although I would appreciate the latter.

Many of Courtauld's omissions are justified considering the challenge of posting about a travel destinations like former Burma. And, at the moment of compiling this book, their travel book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date one. Interesting stories, the evident passions and the nice images make Myanmar a delight.

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