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Have a second day with your guide and driver to explore Yangon. Guidebook for social enterprises for travelers in Myanmar. While reading the various travel guides (which are completely outdated and misinformed), it turned out that Myanmar was one of my favorite countries! You can download our current and accurate Myanmar Customs Guide to find out the necessary documents and customs regulations for various goods. The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has compiled a guide for patients.

Enchanting story

An enthralling country wrapped in enchanting secrets, Burma's horizons are full of promise these days. Nowadays, Burma's horizons are full of people. Twenty-six miles long plains of foggy hills, fringed by the magic Ayeyarwady River, with thousand of gold peaks rising from the earth, glittering softly in the outdoors.

Well-known as the Eastern Gardens of Yangon, Yangon is home to an array of lush gardens and tranquil ponds, as well as all the dining and bar facilities you would want in a vibrant town. Shwedagon Paya is a giant panorama with a view of the town, sitting on a mound and watching the events below.

Its conspicuous splendour makes it easy to understand why it is the proudness of the people. In spite of the Kiplings poetry, which is reminiscent of pictures of an old-world town, Mandalay is actually an extremly new work. Constructed by King Mindon in the nineteenth centuary, the town was conceived as the new Buddhist teachings center and capitol.

Mandalay's stature as capitol did not last long, but it is still a highly religious place, as well as a beehive of motorcycles, characteristic of many Asiatic cities. A major buddhistic journey to climb the steps to the top of Mandalay is as worthwhile as it is spiritually. When you join the traditions and look up, keep in mind that it is common to take off your boots at the foot of the hills.

More than 30 mountain peoples live in the neighbouring hills and the lakes themselves are littered with swimming towns and bustling market towns. Very few ATMS are available in Burma and only top class hotel and store acceptances are made. In order to travel to Burma, you must first obtain a tourism permit.

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