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Truthful & easy to read, two minute cycling in Burma travel guide with details about the best time to go and do things on your cycling adventure. Learn about travel to Burma when you start, get a visa and advice on the main highlights and twin trips with Burma. An Offshore Judicial Guide. New first edition of DK Eyewitness Travel Guide on Asia's best destination. More detailed information such as photos, prices, maps, directions and weather forecast for golf courses in Myanmar (Burma).

You are enjoying making contacts.

You are enjoying making contacts. You travel in a small group, share food, experience and story â so when it comes to âme timeâ, this may not be the journey for you. You want to escape the masses of tourists. On the other hand, even though you are with your riders, you can cycle away from the major sights and into less frequently frequented towns, monasteries, caves as well as marketplaces â perfect if you like to get off the well-worn paths.

¦ You would like to interfere. Admittedly, no one will ever think you are a native, but biking is such a widespread way to get around here that you can discover the scenery in a much more authentic way. Plus, you don't have a coach windows between you and the locals â so there are plenty of occasions to chin.

¦ You are not roadworthy. In contrast to other Southeast Asia travelers, a bike vacation in Burma usually follows calm, country streets. Your passing trafic will be donkeys, ladies that carry straw and one or two farm vehicles; this is not Piccadilly Circus at peak time.

Tailor-made Holidays in Burma | Our Guide to Burma

Also known as Myanmar, Burma is a singular and lovely land, which has a very particular nature, which differs from the neighboring, more advanced lands by the fact that it was isolated from the western world for so long. As if you have returned to the past, there is as much to be enjoyed here as the splendour of the varied landscape, the wealth of cultures and the cordial welcome of the population.

Do you want me to call Myanmar or Burma? Burma has been called Myanmar since 1989, when the reigning army jungle reversed the country's historic name before British rule. Burma's democratic movements prefer the name Burma because they do not recognize the Burmese army government as legitimately.

Nowadays Myanmar and Burma are widespread. What is the best season for a trip? It is best to come to Burma from November to March when the daytime temperature is comfortably hot and fresh at nights, especially in the higher regions of the land such as Inle Lake.

It rains less in this period of the year than in other seasons and is therefore ideal for sight-seeing. It is a good period for a trip, as there should be fewer trips at this period of the year, but it is low seasons, so some canoeing. What is the best way to get to Burma?

Do you find it difficult to get a Burmese entry permit? With a view to increasing the number of visitors to Burma, the Burmese authorities have made the country's immigration procedures even simpler with an on-line visitor card. Visas usually last about 5 working nights, but we always recommend that you have enough free space to obtain a permit before you go.

So, where is everything in Burma? While all the attractions in Burma are within walking distance, the only way to get to any area is to travel with either Air Bagan or Yangon Airways, the country's major carriers. Every trip takes about an hours and follows the same routes that end in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Heho (Inle Lake) and Ngapli Beach.

Which are Burma's most important highpoints? Burma's most spectacular view is the temple-covered plain as far as the eyes can see, with over 2000 of them. There is also Lake Inle, 900 metres above Shan State.

It is famous for its scenic surroundings, the small towns on piles and the uniquely one-legged oar technology of the lake's fishers. Rangoon is also a must as the former capitol has a vast cultural offer to offer until 2005, which includes the breathtaking remains of settlement in the shape of friable architectural features and of course the splendid Shwedagon Pagoda.

When there is enough spare minute, a visit to Mandalay as one of the most important monastic education centers and Ngapali Beach on the western shore is a beautiful area to end an excursion with largely pristine sandy beach. If you have more free and want to slow down, there is a cruise on the Ayeyarwaddy River (Irrawaddy River) from Bagan to Mandalay or the other way round.

The first time Burma really opened up to western tourists, the inflow of overseas tourists and a finite number of rooms means that it would be difficult to find it available if you hadn't reserved your journey about a year in advance. However, if you hadn't already done so, it would have been difficult to find it. This is no longer the case with the growth of the tourist sector and the growth of accommodation, but for the high seasons from November to March you should still reserve your stay at least 6 month in advance to ensure that you get the accommodation you want!

In Burma, what kind of money do I need? U.S. Dollar are widely used in Burma and are the prefered way of paying in all Burma owned and operated properties. Some major resorts offer the option of paying by bank cards, but these are using the wobbly web that you can't rely on!

Burma has a good selection of five-star hostels that provide neat and welcoming accommodations and enchanting services. However, compared to other Asiatic nations, the standard of 5-star Burmese restaurants is around 3-4 stars in other Asiatic states. Burma's top real estate must be The Governor's Residence and Inle Princess Resort.

All of them feature the delights of Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake, while for those who have more time and prefer the beaches, we recommend Ngapali Beaches. If you like the slow tempo in your daily routine, take a ride on the Ayeyarwaddy River to see the land from a whole new perspective.

So who should go to Burma? Myanmar is a great place for young and old people. We recommend traveling with a family of 10 years and older, as the excursions are usually very strenuous, as they start very early on all domestic routes, which can make the excursions very strenuous for younger people.

At every travel stop, your tour leader will show you the regional attractions with the opportunity to leave the trails, visit convents to visit schools, bike tours and horse-drawn carriage tours through the Bagan Temple and excursions along the Mandalay riverbank to entertain the little people.

Myanmar is also a great place for couple with a nice romance and for the adventurous honeymooner it is a great place, but the standard of luxurious ness does not go up to other areas in Asia if it is what you want most. Myanmar is a great place for twins with a place of relaxation like the Thailand beaches or Langkawi in Malaysia, which are easily accessible with quick connections.

It is a wonderful way to end the journey with a high degree of luxuriousness after a variety of cultural routes.

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