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Yunnan (Ruili), although a permit (as well as a visa) and a guide are required. Guidebook: Myanmar | The Independent At the moment it is the ideal moment to come and see Burma. In the last 15 years other tourists from Asia and Europe have come to Burma, so the tourist industry has developed. The majority of tourists come to the Yangon (Rangoon) capitol, where the wonderful Shwedagon Pagoda is located and until recently the capitol; Mandalay, the last capitol of Burma sires;

Bagan, known for its stunning ancient Pagoda; and the wonderful Inle Lake with the quaint civilization of the Inthafolk.

Audiley is offering a 14 day Classic Burma Personal Tour from 3,240 per capita (based on two parts, as all rates shown). Burma's celebratory ghost is its greatest allure. Thingyan ("Water Festival") is the largest for Burma's New Year (April 13-16). Burma's most dramatic spectacle is Inle Lake, where the Phaung Daw Oo Feast (October 5-22) features Buddha sculptures in a gold-plated cargo boat in the shape of a mythic birds around the lakes.

A lot of hotelmenus contain oriental and westerly meals without emphasizing Burmese cooking. Myanmar now makes its own astonishingly good wines. There are two vines near Lake Inle: Burma's roads are traditionally the most congested. Even today you can still see large wooden floats made of tea wood, which are carried to Yangon via the Ayeyarwady.

The Orient Express's Road to Mandalay (0845 077 2222; rootomandalay. net) has 56 staterooms on board a boat with private bath (right). Fares begin at 1,640 pp for a three-night Ayeyarwady ferry trip, with food and international services from Yangon. There will be traffic between Yangon and Bhamo on the Ayeyarwady and between Mandalay and Homalin along the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Creeks.

Fares begin at 3,660 pp for the 11-night journey, which includes local airfare and meal service. You can also take a hot air flight over Bagan for a supplementary charge of 300 ppp.

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Places to visit, from the unparalleled Bagan Temple, the tranquil Inle Lake, the secluded Mrauk U area and the Bengal Bay shores to the intriguing towns of Yangon and Mandalay. Explore this most thrilling destination with Insight Guide Myanmar (Burma).

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