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U.S. Ambassador to Burma - U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheet.

Burma This is the official website of the government. Pre-trip travel agents, tour operators, travel guides and websites recommend that you learn as much as possible about Burma/Myanmar. The Burmese government is destroying the villages of Rohingya. Myanmar Classic is the official website of the country's foreign trade government.

Burma's e-Visa Request Services Opened

Applications to enter prohibited areas must be made in Yangon or, in some cases, on the spot. Burma's steps towards democratisation involve the freeing of detainees, but there are still limitations on free movements and free expression. UK Ambassador employees cannot move outside Rangoon without Burma's government's approval, except to a few locations.

Because of the tensions between Buddhists and Muslims in southwestern Rakhine state, the Foreign Office recommends against a trip to Rakhine (with the exception of the seaside town of Ngapali).

Visa Information - Myanmar

Reimbursement of GC fees and bank transfer fees. Update: On Thursday, November 2, 2017, new additional costs will come into effect. We advise you to inform yourself about current information on this website before you submit your job applications. However, please be aware that as of November 19, 2016, VAC will no longer be able to approve the older versions of the 2010 or older applications form.

Any request made on or after November 19, 2016 must contain the new versions of the form, which you can access through our website depending on the purposes of your trip. On Wednesday, 2 November 2016, new additional costs will come into force. We advise you to inform yourself about current information on this website before you submit your job interview.

Decisions to grant or deny a permit are made exclusively by Lawyers of the Federal Republic of Germany, namely by the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs, the Federal Office for Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC). Requests will be reviewed in accordance with Canadian entry regulations and policies. The CVAC has no part in or impact on the result of an interview and does not provide evaluation counselling.

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Hackers bring fun to Myanmar IT Ministry

Burma's IT Department's website is chopped, with cartoons depicting tortoises instead of official emblems, perhaps as a criticism of slower web-connection. The RANGOON hacker attacked the website of Burma's Department of Communications and Information Technology on Friday mornings, and replaced Burma's official website logo with turtle cartoons, perhaps as a criticism of slower-connection.

Disfigurement of the site came after apparently blocking Facebook over night in the countryside, with some speculation that the goverment interrupted the use of the site to prevent the publication of hatred speeches or rumours that could further stir up riots in Mandalay. Myat Thu Ye, a Mandalay-based member of the Myanmar Computer Industry Association, said the Ministry's website is susceptible to attack by cybers due to bad safeguards.

Myanmar ICT Development Organization (MIDO) NGO for Freedom of Expression and ICT training, programme director Ms Aung said the presidential office's website was easily infiltrated due to a missing safety measure. The Myanmar Post and Telecommunication, part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is the most important ISP in Burma and has long been criticised for its low-speed connectivity.

Telenor and Ooredoo, two multinational telecommunications operators, will soon start operations in the UK and are likely to provide faster service. "MPT's web service and portable computing speeds make very dissatisfying news for locals. The only reason they use these portals is because other telecommunications operators have not yet taken up their duties.

Ministries have solved the issue by Friday afternoons.

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