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The Myanmar government's web pages hijacked in protests

Myanmar's public and non-governmental web sites have been assaulted by supposed Turkish-struck individuals in protests against the violent Rakhine clash that has driven away tens of thousand Rohingyas, a Myanmar civil servant said on Wednesday. Assaults began on August 31 and continued, but so far these have not caused much harm or disruption to sites in the state, according to U Ye Naing Moe, head of information technology and Cyber Security Department.

"There was no major harm done to the compromised websites," he said. Of all the blemished web sites of the administration were those related to the forest and resource sector, said U Ye Naing Moe. Most of the attack was due to a disfigurement of the site and prevented humans from accessing the compromised site.

However, within a few hour after the hack, the government's IT specialists were able to re-establish website ownership and operation. "The web pages of the five departments that were compromised were served by a central server," says U Ye Naing Moe. We' ve also instructed other pertinent departments what they should do if their web sites are attacked,' he said to the Myanmar Times.

As a group of subterranean attackers called Union of Myanmar U.S. Undergroundmen have taken it upon themselves to take revenge and have started to attack several Turkic goverment and personal web sites. UGMH has launched counter-attacks on some sites of the Republic of Turkey and more than 700 sites in Turkey. The Myanmar Central Bank, the Ministry of Culture and Maubin University sites and a site for finding a position were raided on 4 September.

Ayyildiz, the name of suspected Japanese miners, reported in the local press that they have taken information from some 80,000 individuals looking for work in Myanmar. The UGMH also received information from Turkey's web sites and issued a warning that the information would leak if the attacks became more intensive, a UGMH member of the Myanmar Times said.

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