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Homepage of the Ministry; The Government of the National Coalition of the Union of Burma: Burma's state and community government - Fifty Viss e-Gov fevers have formally affected Burma's local government. On June 20, 2015, 9 of Burma's 14 states and territories had government websites: Website/location "Unicode-compliant". Most of the sites have been created by Myanmars.net, a long-time Burmese webdesigner.

Many have been developped by Information Matrix. Fortunately, most of these sites are Unicode-compliant.

In 2013, when I was reporting, a large number of Burma's government sites were still using Zawgyi. Currently, most of these sites provide the local government with basic e-gov functions, if any. Most of them are only available in Burman, with information about the regions and states: Yangon region is the most demanding, offering eForms for government agencies that range from batch size measurement to on-line payment for telephone invoices.

Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) has been on-line since the early 2000s and is quite full of information and various on-line tools. It is interesting that several local authorities have Facebook pages:

Liberate the downtrodden

"LOVES JOYE AND WORK FOR FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND PEACE. AND DON'T HOATE. Burma is as intricate as it is long. More than 60 years of civilian conflict have made Burma one of the worlds impoverished states. Throughout this period, consecutive dictatorial forces murdered tens of thousand of their own populations and expelled tens of thousands from areas of refuge.

Over the past few years, the government of Burma has taken many good strides, among them the choice of a civil government under the National League of Democracy (NLD). But Burma's armed forces still have significant unquestionable security and many of the continuing domestic conflict has yet to be resolved. Concentrating on the changes of government, violations of people' s freedoms such as rape, assassination, random air strikes and kidnappings in areas under attack and occupation by the Myanmar army are still reporting.

Revenge or justice? I thank you, dear prayerful fellows, for your prayers with your beliefs and your charity. The Burmese nation has experienced many inequities over the past year: the killing, raping and cremation of communities and the expulsion of over 600,000 Rohingya, the continuing assaults against the Kachin, Ta'ang and North Shan, the Burmese military's incursions into cease-fire areas and the government's failure to provide for those who have been injured.

Throughout this period, tribal aid groups have replied with the best of their ability. There are aid groups that bring life-saving help to the refugees, ministers who comfort their populations and pray for righteousness and charity, new doctors and educators who are being educated in the jungles to help their populations, and the global fellowship that is raising the alarms for help for the underdog.

Burma has in a way got better. There' s a civil government and more freedom in some areas, but the army has the ultimative force and uses it. and for the encouragement of the chosen government to work for all the underdog.

Meanwhile, some from Burma have also been summoned to help because of the ISIS assaults in Iraq and Syria. Where did the Burmese come from and what does this have to do with Burma? We were asked because they knew we could help in areas of conflict, and we left because we believe that God has no limits to help each other.

At the Blood Melting Pot of Mosul, Iraq, my whole community, my families, my friends, my friends, my friends and some of our older FBR-ethnics from Burma have learnt some of the things we want to learn in Burma and everywhere. First of all, wherever Jesus sent you, he goes with you. When we are frightened, we can ask and pray: "Jesus is this really your will?

However, when we follow Jesus and call upon His name, He comes through our frailty and takes good out of the claws of the wicked. Third, what is the distinction between righteousness and revenge? Revenge, I believe, is an effort to achieve righteousness with a mind of hatred and retaliation.

If you are wrong, the pain can make you despise the offender and put his pain on a par with righteousness - but hatred will paralyze you if you look for righteousness in this way, and righteousness will escape you. Righteousness can only be obtained with charity and compassion. That is, if you are wrong, you are praying for the perpetrators and seeking righteousness in this one.

And we need God's help to help us loving those who do us injustice, to help us in loving our foes - but when we ask for this loving help, He is there. That can mean a penalty for the one who has done you an injustice, but it will happen in a mind of ardor. It is this mind that keeps us free and brings us to forgiveness.

Fourth, we have learned the strength of the prayerful churches and believe that God's strength through prayers is the only way to attain liberty, righteousness, reconciliation and charity. There is hatred, homicide and all kinds of unfairness in Burma as in other places. Our way forward is to ask Jesus to help us, to help us, to make our hearts beat faster and to know where to go, how to go and what to do.

Wherever He is sending us, Jesus goes with us so that we may walk with humility, courage and charity. Thanks for joining us in our prayers for all the Burmese population.

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