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Burmese government

Myanmar is one of the most dynamic and fascinating countries on earth, and the lifting of state sanctions means that many more travellers can explore it. Map the state of local governance in Myanmar: The SLORC refused to form a new government until a new constitution was drafted. It is a report on a project to evaluate fish farming in Burma and support its development. Myanmar originally had a constitutional government, but there were many struggles for power within the country.

The Rohingya crisis: UK government must stop Burma's army education

The Burma Campaign UK today urged the UK government to immediately end free education programs for the Myanmar Forces. The UK government last year invested more than 300,000 in Burma's army education, 67 per cent of which was allocated from the country's foreign aid budgets. Burma's army is launching a new militia attack against Rohingya civilists.

New offensives began after policing and governmental agencies were assaulted and at least 11 members of the policing and army were dead. Instead of persecuting those who perpetrated the attack, however, the army is aiming at everyone in Rohingya, even kids, at random. The Rohingya springs believe that more than a thousand persons, among them even kids, have been murdered since August 25.

Over 10,000 houses were burned down by the army. Over 150,000 refugees are on the run. They were described as a burned soil politics to which humans cannot go back and which cleans up the area. While the UK government argued that her education would help enhance the country's respect for fundamental freedoms, four years later Burma's army's human right abuses are on the increase, not on the decline.

There is no battle school. United Nations is already exploring possible human rights violations by Burma's army in a Rohingya civilian attack that began in October last year. There are no clear objectives, no purposes and no assessment of its efficacy for any of the purposes for which it was conducted.

There is no effort being made to verify that trained troops travelling to the United Kingdom have not been in breach of public policy. There is no effort being made to find out whether trained troops continue to be complicit in breaches of public law. The Burma Campaign UK is asking those in Burma to write an e-mail to British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson asking him to stop the schooling.

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