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when you visit, study, work or live in Burma. Provides information about trading and doing business in the UK and Burma. Gallaghup excluded Chin and Kayah, two of the smallest states, from the sample, and Kachin because of the struggles between the government. The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population (http://www.mol.

gov. mm/) offers general supervision. It' true that the government of Myanmar and the people of Myanmar do not like the illegal settlers of Rohingiya.

Burma: Invoice for Concept Notes for FCO Program Funds GJ 18/19

FCO's program aims to assist the transition towards a sustainable, safe and affluent Burma. We are particularly looking for the following areas which can be implemented in fiscal 18/19. Multi-annual and multiannual project are also taken into account. Preferred are "short-term programs", which are to be concluded by March 2019.

The offers are examined by the Federal Cartel Office's Program Comitee. The tenders will be evaluated according to the following criteria: Please consider the following hints when planning your project: They are not scheduled to begin until after May 2018 and will end by March 2019. Multi-annual and multiannual research will also be taken into account. Payment is performance-related and thus after the end of the program activity.

There is a need for monthly supervision and finance and a final evaluation at the end of the work. The offer is not successful if the Bundeskartellamt does not inform the petitioner by the end of May. Given the high number of commandments to be anticipated, it is unlikely that the Bundeskartellamt will be able to give a response on fruitless commandments.

Britain redesigning relief programs in Burma

Magazines such as Mail, Guardian and the Today program have discussed a International Development Committee (IDC) review of Bangladesh, Burma and the Rohingya crises, in which they call on the British government to change its policies in Burma and redesign our relief programs. Indeed, DFID has already redesigned its relief programs in Burma to concentrate our assistance on the most vulnerable individuals who have been suffering from tens of years of disastrous violent conflict.

The DFID does not give money to the government or the army. Instead, we are providing more live-saving foods, drinkable fluids and medicines to those in crisis areas. Rakhine state's horrendous repression and harassment and the growing conflicts in other Burma's ethnical areas show how far the state still needs to go in order to reach a peaceful and integrative state.

Family-located and ravaged by cruel raids, babies starve and tens of millions of women are being forcibly sent to bear in narrow crossings in the middle of the monsun. In Burma we are redesigning our program to help those whose life has been destroyed by the war.

The DFID is not aiding the Burmese government and we are focusing on assisting the IDPs and needy in Burma and Bangladesh. It also commends the UK's leadership in protecting tens of millions of vulnerable Rohingya populations who have escaped to neighboring Bangladesh from the life-threatening cyclones and monsoons.

The new £70 million in UK assistance to support the ongoing work in Cox's Bazar to help us get ready for the rainy monsoons is very welcome.

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